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  1. It worked!!! thanks a lot Is there an easier (or as easy) way to make a webserver other than using fenix?
  2. I'm using this app to create webserver: How do I do that ?
  3. Ok, 2 things that happen: 1) I add to add the "" because it was complaining that could not find it and was not loading because of that (Is it supposed to work without it?) 2) i'm getting a pending loading the atlas file (?!) and because of that it's not loading. If I wait a long time, eventually it fails to load and I get error (see attached screens) Apart from the "" i'm using exactly what you sent me.
  4. did you use the exact files I sent you with the correct version of the spine you mentioned? I downloaded the files from here has you requested: and fixed the "fighter_1" to "spite_char" (as you did) But I still get the "Cannot read property 'spineData' of undefined" error... why ... May I ask if you could zip your working version and send it to me so that I can try it? I'm starting to think it' my PC or something like that PS: really appreciate the help you are providing me and i'me happier to know that the files I have are still good and working. Apologies for any headache i'm giving you regarding this :S
  5. its what is says on git, no ? I don't have access to a Spine key anymore. I'm looking around to see if there is anyone that could get the files and export them again in a newer version of Spine.
  6. Yes but it was not me doing it and the person that did is no around anymore :S That's why i'm trying to see if someone else could give me a hand with it
  7. Hi everyone, I don't have spine licence anymore and I'm trying to get 2 spine animated characters updated for spine 3.8+ Would anyone be able to help? I have the following files: animation.json animation.atlas animation.png Many thanks in advance.
  8. Tries to switch to Spine 3.7.0 as you suggested (but still using PixiJS 5.3.3) but it seems it still doesn't work. Sometimes I get the same "spineData not found other times it takes a lot if time to load and end up with this error: GET http://localhost:8000/spine_animations/Chicken.atlas net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Resource.js:676 Tried to downgrade to PixiJS 4.4.5 (as suggested on the pixijs-spine 3.7) but i'm getting other errors Spine.ts:14 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined at Spine.ts:14 at Spine.ts:704 I tried all combinations for Pixi JS and Pixijs-spine and still the same thing Don't know what else to do
  9. @ivan.popelyshev I did as you suggested and I see the the spike library being loaded and I can step into it. but I still get the same thing I'm attaching an example as you requested so that you can see the problem in action. Many thanks in advance.
  10. hey guys, I've recently updated to spine 3.8.0 and my spine work stopped to work and throes a "Cannot read property 'Spine' of undefined" This is what I have on my code: //... const pixiLoader = PIXI.Loader.shared; pixiLoader .add('spineChicken', 'images/spine_animations/Chicken.json'); //... var anination = new PIXI.spine.Spine(pixiLoader.resources.spineChicken.spineData); I 'm using pixi JS 5.2.0 I have the pixijs-spine.js v 3.8.0 included in my project (downloaded from The code was working before (I'm just trying to update the pixi JS and spine versions) I checked the resources after they load and I can see the "spineChicken" is in the data structure It looks identical to the examples on git and on the pixiJS website, so i0m understanding why this error Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of a trouble to fins the URL for pixijs-spine v3.8 JS I was updating an old project I have that is using pixi 5.2.0 and I saw on that I should be using spine version 3.8 with it I already search around but was not able to find the link to download the correct pixijs-spine.js or pixijs-spine.min.js or a link to a CDN I could use. Would anyone be able to help? Many thanks in advance.
  12. Hi everyone, In order to learn a bit more about PixiJS I have developed a simple Slot Machine. The community has helped me fix problems and understand a bit better how things work, so I thought it would be a good thing to share with the community what I did (maybe more people are interested and would like to learn...) I tried to comment as much as I could (or thought it would make sense) not only for me but for anyone reading the code. I'm also outputting some stuff on the web console for reference. You will need a webserver to run this. I'm using Fenix Webserver ( It's free, very basic and fits the purpose. Hope it's useful and you enjoy it. Regards.
  13. *sign* Like I said ... it was an obvious problem for sure... I had multiple copies of the same project and I was working on one and adding the images to another... Yes shame on me.... This thread can be deleted if you would like (or leave it for my shame ... forever... lol) Thanks for your the availability and willingness to help, @ivan.popelyshev
  14. Hi everyone, I haven't touched in pixi in a while and I was now making a clean version of a project id did and I'm having some issues loading some images to use as sprites. I have searched online to see if someone was having a similar issue but didn't find anything so I'll try asking here in case someone knows the obvious answer (I bet is obvious). First things first: I'm using Fenix webserver to implement a localhost ( the problem I'm having is that some image the loader is able to load with no problem but others the loader cannot find them. This was all working very well until I decided to change the images I'm using and I found this issue. As you can see from the attached screen: The PIXI.loader is able to correctly find and load the blank-3.png file (among others) The PIXI.loader is not able to find (nor load) the slot-icon-09.png file (among others) all images are in the same location Does anyone know why is this happening and how to fix it? Any thanks in advance.
  15. Many thanks @esca. You even added it to the pixi demos The ease method that you mention that should be replaced with something "proper" could use something like this?
  16. @Exca Do you have an example I could have a look? I never did anything with shaders :S
  17. Hi everyone, I looked around but was not able to find anything so I was wondering if anyone knows an "easy" way to make a space warp speed effect with PixiJS, similar to this: Many thanks in advance
  18. @bubamara it worked ... but it feels so hacky :S Why is this situation happening and not everyone sees it ?
  19. OK, I found something that is interesting and may give and hint to someone. When I load the page for the first time (or refresh using CTRL+F5), the fonts show incorrectly. however, once the page is loaded, if I refresh the page using only F5, the fonts show correctly. Does this ring the bell to anyone? :S Many thanks in advance, - Miguel
  20. @jonforum That's what I said. On JSFeedles, for me, it didn't work the first time but after that it worked always fine. On my other webside it doesn't work Try using incognito mode (if you don't mind) to see if it replicates (it does to me) @bubamara I tried it but it didn't work for me, still see the fallback fonts :S ever tried with like 3 seconds
  21. Hi everyone, I'm having a problem rendering some web fonts and I have been bashing my head and searching online but I'm not able to figure it out. Maybe someone will know what the issue is and how to sort it out. I'm using a google font call "Lato". I need it in Normal, Bold and Black. So I copied the embed link from Google and includes it in my index (i'm also using the google WebFontLoaderJS to help load the font - <link href=",700,900" rel="stylesheet"> Then on my main JS I load the font and once the font + assets are loaded, I call the init() which renders the everything else. var fonts_ready = false; var assets_ready = false; WebFont.load({ google: { families: ['Lato'] }, active: function() { fonts_ready = true; preloaderCheck(); } }); PIXI.loader .add("image1","img/image1.png") .load(function() { assets_ready = true; preloaderCheck(); }); function preloaderCheck() { if (fonts_ready && assets_ready) init(); } function init() { //... render everything } My problem is that, when rendering the text using this "Lato" font, the system doesn't understand "bold" nor 900 (black) If I use fontWeight: "normal" or fontWeight: 400 it works fine and I see the "Lato" font with the normal/regular style. However, If I try fontWeight : "bold" or fontWeight: 900 it will render using some fallback font. So basically if I have text in normal, bold and black, I see the normal correct and the other two with a fallback font, all on the same canvas. // this works fine var myText1 = new PIXI.Text( "this is a text 12345", { fontFamily: 'Lato', fontSize: 25, fontWeight: "normal", fill: ['#ffffff'] }); // these dont work and render with some fallback font var myText2 = new PIXI.Text( "this is a text 12345", { fontFamily: 'Lato', fontSize: 25, fontWeight: "bold", fill: ['#ffffff'] }); var myText3 = new PIXI.Text( "this is a text 12345", { fontFamily: 'Lato', fontSize: 25, fontWeight: 900, fill: ['#ffffff'] }); I created a JSFiddler to illustrate the issue. Once you open it you should be able to see the issue but if you run it again, it will work fine. I tried to refresh my page (F5 / CRL+F5) to see if it would have the same behaviour on my code but it doesn't. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Many thanks in advance for any help/guidance you can provide - Miguel
  22. I tried to mess up a bit with the assets and its working fine now. Don't really know what I did but ill figure it out thanks 👍
  23. hi, Is this going to go into a pixi-spine release ?