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  1. Phew that i just wanted make sure.
  2. I think it was my browser but i didn't hear anything.
  3. I like the game pretty awesome! I hate those little Red birds tho. >.< they just kept coming! But overall i enjoyed it!!
  4. Wow talk about that nostalgia. Reminds me of the Super Nintendo. I genuinely love that style SNES is pretty much made me want to make games. Great job ^_^!
  5. Wait, are you telling me that I'm the only one that listens to Barbie Girl by Aqua and Rock Lobster.
  6. @reopucino @LittleGiantWorld Thanks for the awesome hospitality i really appreciated it!
  7. Hey all, I finally decided to make an account here. (YAY!) i was kinda nervous about making one , I have no clue why. Probably like the same reason people have a hard time going to the gym.(the whole self-conscious about their body But then, they're self-conscious about my body cause they don't go to the gym - I got that from the Bo Burnham song) That doesn't mater anymore cause I made an account. Anyway I'm Robert, I have been using Game Maker Studio for about 2 years now. ( i thought it was less) My friend (Tony) and i make games and that is pretty much the best introduction i can thi
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