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  1. Good morning. We are doing background work using Unity. When I export an object from Unity, it seems that the material is not exported together. Are there any things to do before exporting? I want to know if it is related to the material library. Thanks for reading.
  2. hi Sebavan, I did not understand your answer because I am not good at English. Is it possible to ask @ mackey24 a question?
  3. Good morning. I have a question. I am working on Babylon js using Unity. I would like to use Alpha material in Unity, but what material should I use to apply Alpha in Babylon? I've tried a lot, but it does not work. Please answer. And thanks to all those who have looked at this question.
  4. Thank you in advance for this article. Please wait for answers from experts. 1. I exported bake lightmap from Unity. However, one of the light maps was not exported. Is there a solution? 2. Babylon js was too heavy to make shadows. So I want to use a plan that is treated as alpha. However, exporting to Babylon js does not do alpha processing. Is there a solution? 3. In Unity there is a material called Babylon js. But when I use it to export to Babylon js, the mash appears in black. How do I use this material? 4. Unity has a feature called component - babylon js - shadow bake, and I wonder what changes will be made using this feature. When I try to use it, it comes out black.
  5. I'm working in Korea. I'm using babylon js, is cyos correct to edit the shader? If so, can you briefly describe the website with basic usage? And, I do not know how to apply the file that can be received by downloading cyos from zip. I'm not a programmer, I think it's more difficult because it's a 3d modeler. Thanks for reading.