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  1. For each level the number of dog will increase,if score 3500, you in 3rd level there will be eight dogs.
  2. please share your thoughts and suggestions......................
  3. Hi " Dogs " (400x712) is one touch easy to play html5 game inspired by an old flash game. Game Play: All the dogs need to follow the leader dog(highlighted dog) action to sit or walk. Touch the dog to make them sit or walk. If the leader sits, all the dogs have to sit and so. Get more score and bones time to get into the next level. you can play the game here
  4. Hi Lights Out is a puzzle where you are given a 5x5 grid of buttons/lights with some on and others off which you have to switch off all lights in the minimum number of moves as possible. When you click any of the lights will toggle it and the four adjacent lights(vertically and horizontally, but not diagonally). Its available for licensing, Please give feedback and suggestion http://html5.gamedistribution.com/641e51473f59457da42e8e6658d399c0/
  5. Hello This is my first HTML5 game, please play and share your ideas. "Kickin' it : with freestyle masters" is a simple yet challenging soccer ball juggling game. You are controlling the player to keep the ball on air as long as possible. You need to tap ( press keys for pc ) just as the ball is about to hit your foot. Pressing too late or too early and will miss the ball. Mobile : Tapping the left of the screen kicks out your left foot, tapping the right kicks out your right foot. PC : Pressing the left/A of the keyboard kicks out your left foot, Pressing the right/D of the
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