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  1. Now that it's 2018 do you use a different screen size? I was thinking 1920x1440 for a match 3 kind of game. Is that too much?
  2. I'm using a tween to bounce an object. Is there a way to calculate when the object will first hit the wall? (End destination) I want to play a sound as soon as it hits then let it's bounce fade.
  3. Cheers. I'm using Typescript and getTop returns any. How can I cast that to the ball script? as Ball isn't working for me. Edit: I was a fool. It should be
  4. I was just wondering if there was any framworks like phaser? I'm thinking in the future I want to make desktop games but I don't think I'd like using Untiy/Godot/GameMaker engines. So far I only know Monogame. I'm using Linux too with VS Code if I can!
  5. I was just wondering why people here are choosing to make HTML5 games that are browser based instead of desktop? Is there less money and more risk with desktop on platforms like Steam, and GameJolt? I like browser for how easy it is to distribute. Please share you reasons it would be interesting to see what people have to say.
  6. The canvas is offset from the top left. The green is the background colour of the website and should not be seen. Any idea what I've done wrong? I would of searched this in more detail myself but not sure of the words for stuff. (Cheers again. This is my third question this week!)
  7. Bingo! Cheers for that. This was the fix: for (var i = 0; i < map.length; i++) { for (var j = 0; j < map[i].length; j++) { if (map[i][j] == 1) { var wall = walls.create(j * 32, i * 32, 'wall'); wall.body.immovable = true; if (i > 0 && map[i - 1][j] == 1) { wall.body.checkCollision.up = false; } if (i < map.length - 1 && map[i + 1][j] == 1) { wall.body.checkCollision.down = false; } } } }
  8. I just multiplied the gravity by 10 and it's still got the same behaviour.
  9. When the character runs into the wall it sticks between the tiles. Am I doing something wrong? Wouldn't this bug happen all the time for tile-based platformers? Why hasn't it been fixed?
  10. I'm just starting out with Phaser and not sure why I shouldn't use TS. It seems better to me. Not sure if there are any benefits over using JS.