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  1. Thanks for your response i'll let you know ASAP i'm trying this code....
  2. size = { width: 600 , height: 400}; var i = 1; function myLoop () { setTimeout(function () { alert('Taking Screenshot!'); //Creating png screenshot scene.render(); var a = BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot(engine, camera, {precision: 1}); var path = ""; $.ajax({ url:"save.php", type:'post', data: "dir=" + path + "&img=" + textureDynamic._canvas.toDataURL() }); i++; if (i < 1) { myLoop(); //console.log(done1); } }, 5000) } myLoop(); This is my current function that I use please let me know how I send screen shot to email or server can u wirte for me code
  3. Can u Please Help me How I save screenshot on my server Data or Email ?
  4. Thanks For Reply . I also need one more Help I Use Babylon js Render Scene to take screen shot its working Now very well I need Next help is I want a Function to send direct Screen shot to Email currently when I click on send they download me Png on my computer . Please Any Guidelines
  5. Hello Experts I need your Best Guidline I need to know Is it possible to take 3d Model Canvas Screenshot ? And How Its Work can u show me demo ?