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  1. Hi, I think someone fixed this and its working today 😊. I will start using this now. Thank you very much.
  2. I decided to make game with phaser using Mighty Editor but the url that opens the editor doesn't work. Can anybody help me on this. It just says website is under maintainance.
  3. Hey samid737, Sorry to disturb u again, I tried immovable=true but its not working(i set to both just to be sure). function rescale(enemy1,enemy2){ if(enemy2.body.moves){//if we not already rescaled enemy2.body.moves=false;//stop moving enemy1.immovable=true; enemy2.immovable=true; enemy2.y+=(enemy1.y-enemy2.y-enemy2.height);//move a bit downwards, delete to see difference } }
  4. yes... working perfectly . But i am noticing one more thing now that when i place my player body on top of the boxes then the colliding body shape of boxes is being shifted down, like they are pushed down because of the weight of player. Is this also because of Tunneling or i messed up/missed something in code.
  5. Many thanks samid737 for looking into and explaining to me about Tunneling, i checked and if i put gravity more than 169 then only collision is not working. I also tried your code for resizing the blocks via callback it is working fine, i just need to tweek some thing here and there. Also I am using Phaser v2.8.0, so by any chance Tunneling is happening because of old version and in the newer versions this works fine.
  6. The boxes i created in a group are not colliding with each other. They should be stacked on top of each other but some of them go through.
  7. I am trying to make a simple game with this super cool engine. But I am facing some issues regarding the collisions i have setup. Can anyone please help me on this. Code Link:: https://github.com/Vikas00kr/Dodge
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