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  1. I don't have knowledge on Cocoon but Intel have phonegap cloud that is like coocon a cloud service to build your app, but in Córdova you kneed to have more tecnical knowledge , is not as simple as drag and drop and ready to compile.
  2. I suggest Córdova, it's an incredible solution for deploying a mobile app forma iOS and Android it's antes opensource solution if you're using Linux i can tell you how can you do all the process
  3. I think you can use phaser input plugin, instead of using a basic input text of HTML todo don't mess up with the DOM, it works as a phaser object you only need to search how to use it on phaser3
  4. Thanks man for the time on answering me, i was really frustrated, so i started to play around with cordova an phaser and finally i got results, i was so nervous on messing arround with the autogenerated files that cordova makes when "$ cordova create", but i finally get my game running!! I just take my basics on my past cordova developed apps i think i only need to remember how cordova works, but thanks for the consideration, i was thinking to make a cordova tutorial for those who uses linux , im an advance linux user with more tha 6 years of Debian being my main OS so i can make a tutorial on how to get started on LINUX+CORDOVA if someone request it.
  5. Hi my name is Daniel I'm from mexico and this is like my introduction to this forum greetings to all, so i request a tutorial that covers the implementation of a phaser game with cordova, i have some experience with cordova but i have failed on the attempt of making a cordova app with phaser I'm really new to phaser so i would like like a beginners guide to cordova and phaser 3
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    RTS Game

    Hello colleagues, it is a pleasure to greet you and introduce me as I have just joined this community and I do not want to create this post without first introducing myself, my name is daniel rodriguez and I am a student of engineering in computer systems in Mexico, greetings to all. Well recently I have the curiosity to make a MMORTS, I explain, I play a mmorts called grepolis some of you have gone through it, my doubt is what framework would help me to design and create a game of this type and what initial steps I have to give for the design of video games in html5 I have basic knowledge in JavaScript html and css, is there be a tutorial of something similar to this game If someone would like to make a similar one or do not know how are the mechanics I can break them down. Another example of this game is travian Grepolis http://us.grepolis.com Travian https://www.travian.com/us