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  1. MarioM

    Game data

    Good point Bob, finally there is no white or black, nothing is absolute Thank you!
  2. MarioM

    Game data

    Hi, I found this very useful in order to think in what game or audience to focus... especially this graphics well, bye
  3. WOW great game, you should consider xbox one too Good luck!
  4. Hi jlrueda This is in Safari, Iphone 6s iOS 11.0.3 My mobile internet is not very good normally anyway Good luck!
  5. Hello, thank you, no need for an answer now, I have already solved this issue. If this serves someone, finally I used bitballoon Best regards
  6. MarioM


    Hello, great forum you have here, looks really useful plus a great community
  7. Hello! I am new in this portal that I found it spectacular, I am starting with the development of games recently and it is appreciated that there are sites like this please if anyone can tell me if it is possible to upload a html5 game that works full screen (I mean the game with the minimum, address bar+state) on mobile devices with Weebly's free plan, I am considering this platform to publish games but I need to know if it will serve me thank you very much!