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  1. Someone out there is threatened by the possibility of alternative information, thus censorship. Strange times. Hope you can make it back into the walled gardens.
  2. Updated
  3. He hasn't responded with a result. I'll add this update. Thanks again for the update.
  4. I believe he's using Linux with a possibly wonky graphics driver. I'm using 7.1.1 with an edit for texture packer. The 8.0 build you linked adds gravity to the game.
  5. Try changing your anchor point or rotating the body?
  6. A user has reported this error Error creating WebGL renderer :0:2(12): warning: extension GL_ARB_gpu_shader5' unsupported in fragment shader 0:21(29): error: sampler arrays indexed with non-constant expressions are forbidden in GLSL 1.30 and later
  7. I've seen this around, would be an interesting option. The textures are pcx and the pal file is separate. Definitely fits with the retro motif. I believe it is done by using an 8bit monochrome (red) + alpha webgl mode and a shader applies the the palette. With multiple palettes, this could make recolors interesting. The actual colors in the palette would be in the normal 32 bit space. This would also reduce the size of the texture. Not sure about performance implications.

    melonJS 7.1.0

    They're using gitter, but a discord channel would be nice.
  9. A nice, useful tool which is free to use and requires no install. Contrast to texturepacker's crippleware shenanigans. Example json meta data for created textures "meta": { "app": "", "version": "0.6.0", "image": "texture-0.png", "format": "RGBA8888", "size": { "w": 1024, "h": 1024 }, "scale": 1 } line 20839, melonjs.js if ("texturepacker")||"free-tex-packer")) { Otherwise I'm running a sed script to update the json manually. The textures won't work in melon without one of these solutions. Thanks again.
  10. Demonstration of the nano crypto-currency save/resume feature.
  11. I think these users surf around the web with their browser zoomed and are unaware. They are not actively zooming the page according to the reports I have. Although I can see how the page layout I used might encourage that. For me, throwing a warning before allowing them to enter would be enough. Like in the case of "please rotate your device" for mobile users. ctrl+mouse wheel zooms the page for me. Setting = null On the console didn't seem to do anything while the game was active or the menu was opened. Thanks again!
  12. The entire UI is designed to fit in a 800x600 iframe if necessary, but resizes to whichever resolution. I do appreciate the work you have done with the 'scaleMethod' option. I am already using WINDOW_ONRESIZE to position items on the screen. I haven't tried the other events, but I can say that the error occurs for users who keep their browser zoomed in or out. In these cases there would be no actual change event fired. The position of the elements is fine, but the mouse position is reported off center. I think if you take a second at with your browser zoomed in or out you will see what I mean. The inventory opens from the 'I' key, but all of the clickable elements are off center while the browser is zoomed. Not sure how to handle these cases. I did see some snippets on stackoverflow about detecting if the page has been zoomed, but nothing seemed reliable. Thanks again.
  13. This sorts entities along the Y (vertical) axis. Use it in your initialization code to keep your tree and/or other entities in the foreground. The default is the Z (depth) axis. I would also recommend updating to 6.4.0. There was some strange behavior with anchor points way back in those versions. I think you will appreciate the updates once you have time to review them.
  14. Are you using this? = "y"; If you are you can simply change the anchor point for your sprite to offset the image. Hope this helps.
  15. Players who have zoomed/scaled their browser tab have been experiencing difficulty using my inventory panel. Should I be detecting page zoom before the user enters the game? Wondering if there is a user friendly solution for this.
  16. Here is a let's play of my game The Player Killers' Exchange. I've worked on it on and off for awhile. The game features more than 700 generated areas, collectible items, upgrades, special equipment, several types of enemies, and most of the things you would expect from an action RPG.
  17. Usually browsers load files sequentially, so the file should be imported before you call game.onload(). It might be that you need to declare resources elsewhere. If you feel like taking the extreme approach (somewhat sloppy) you might try just pasting everything into one huge inline script tag. My advice would be to review the phonegap manual first. I believe there is also an opensource alternative to phonegap now. You might have better results with that.
  18. Does it provide a console where you can see other errors? It could be that the game.js file is not loaded.
  19. I haven't used phonegap, but either there is an error in your game.js or the script tag for game.js has not been loaded. Make sure that game.js is imported and valid before you call game.onLoad().
  20. It is just another one of those js type issues. Perplexes me as well. Thank you for the game library and support.
  21. Yes, it is either 1, 0, or false in my testing. The event fires even when the the NPC is in the viewport. When the NPC has actually exited the screen it will be 0. The camera code seems to be setting 0 or 1. The default is false.
  22. this.onVisibilityChange = function(inViewport) { if (inViewport === true) { console.log("object has entered the in a camera viewport!"); } }; The suggested code doesn't work at all for me. inViewport could be either 1, 0, or false. melon.js line 9165 Object.defineProperty(me.Renderable.prototype, "inViewport", { /** * @ignore */ get : function () { return this._inViewport; }, /** * @ignore */ set : function (value) { if (this._inViewport !== value) { this._inViewport = value; if (typeof this.onVisibilityChange === "function") {, value); } } }, configurable : true }); Even after editing this to: if (this._inViewport != value) { The event still fires frequently while an enemy sprite is on screen.