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    [Pixi] Piaf.io

    Currently adding some updates to make the controls more understandable. Unlike an offline game, the client receives the server packet states at unpredictable timestamps. Thus, the server should send the real physics timestamp, the client does packet buffering to interpolate (smoothly) between at least 2 packets. When you have at least (for example) buffered 3 packets, we start rendering it and it should be smooth unless your have an unstable connection. With a slow (but not instable) connection, you would receive the packets later and have latency but no lag
  2. Piaf.io - an original real-time multiplayer game with funny flying creatures (birds, cats, pigs, bees, mix...) Play now Made with Pixi.js, Node.js Also available on Android. Thanks for testing! __ Piaf.io is a multiplayer game where you control a piaf. By moving, dashing around and eating small food pellets, you can grow larger and larger until you are the biggest piaf on the server! Features and How to play1. Attack or defend yourself by using your Balls and Rings - each Dash temporarily makes you untouchable, deactivate one Ball and creates a killable Ring! 2. Grab and eat up to 3 piafs smaller than you. You slowly absorb the mass of the eaten piafs but they can dash out of your body after a few seconds.3. Customize your skin to your taste, then show yourself to the world