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  1. Interesting, one bug, if you try move during hyper bean, the move counter decreases.
  2. Nice game, I m player of Goldeneye and CS GO and like this game.
  3. A little project to lern make a multiplayer game
  4. thanks, I already played some of their games, I quite liked Surge Rescue Game. I download a video of lion running n drew it over.
  5. Hi, I made this game with html5 without framework, the goal was to porting to android, but it got very heavy, I did everything except a music.
  6. I was looking for better way to monetize my game for 3 months n today I found html5 game devs, n now I find this post, its awesome. But I saw that there are no in-game ads like for example, watch the video and get 10 coins, it's one of the best forms of ads, here's my suggestion.