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  1. Hello! Super quick question. I export all my assets to .babylon format through your 3DSMax exporter, and I really like having the preview, it's super useful! But I'm missing something quite important for the final look of the assets/environment, which is the lightmap (the usually black/white texture applied in UV ch.2). Is there a way to export an asset with its materials and preview it with a lightmap texture from the exporter? If so, how is it done? If not, have you considered having this option in future releases? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! Hopefully this will be a very quick question. Do you know if there's something like the ribbons from Unity3D in BabylonJS? A ribbon is the trail generated between two particles, or as Unity's Documentation says: I read the documentation on particle systems but I couldn't figure out if this is a thing, and I read something related to Ribbons (not in the particle system part), but I felt it was treated differently and was not referring to the same thing as in Unity. I'll leave a short gif on a super simple example done in Unity. I spawn particles inside a cube and the ribbon is generated between them. Thank you for your time!
  3. Ended up doing a workaround, in case it's helpful for anyone, the steps: - I opened my HDR image, which was set as a cylindrical projection, in Photoshop. - Changed the mode from 32bits to 16bits, tweaked whatever was needed in Photoshop and saved as PNG (maybe HDR could work as well but I didn't try). - Converted to .DDS through a PNG-to-DDS converter online. - Imported in IBL Baker, saved environment as DDS. IBL Baker transforms the cylindrical projection to cubemap (for BJS) and allows me to choose the resolution. Profit! Now onto using the BJS Format .ENV to compress the file. The moral of the story is that Photoshop nVidia DDS Tools is deprecated and destroys the gamma of the files for some reason. Use workarounds! Thank you again for the help, V!nc3r!
  4. I'll definitely try the things that you've shared, specially that compressor. I didn't know of that! Thank you so much for the help! Wish me luck
  5. Thanks for your quick reply! Yeah, I'm aware that the plugin is totally obsolete... I've been looking on the web for some time now and there's very vague information on this topic, to be honest I meant the environmentTexture, that's correct. I tried the Environment Scale, but in IBLBaker it only exaggerates the gloss, not the "strength of the lights", if it makes any sense. Also, as I mentioned, the file exported from Photoshop is not processing any values for gloss in BabylonJS for some reason. The darkness of the scene is not as important as the gloss part of it. It's quite weird. Unfortunately I cannot share the file with you, but I hope this explanation is as accurate as possible to define the issue. The good thing about Photoshop is that it would export a very small file (40kb) compared to IBLBaker (2mb), and the smallest size possible is something really good for my project. Any chance IBLBaker lets me compress the file more or less? Or any other program? Thank you once more
  6. Hello! I've been smacking my head against the wall with this issue for some time now, so I hope you can help me out I had a DDS file for the reflection map for my PBR materials that worked perfectly fine. The image itself had some areas that were way too bright, so I had to adjust it in Photoshop and export it again with nVidia tools as DDS. nVidia tools has tons of options for the DDS file, but I basically exported a DXT1 without mipmapping as a cubemap, and when loading it again on scene, the scene is waaaaay too dark (and it's not related to the changes I did). I tested in IBLBaker and I noticed, however, that the gamma of my file exported from Photoshop was 2.20, instead of 1.0 as it usually is when exporting from IBLBaker. If I save the file from Photo in IBLBaker, and load it again, it's way too bright and does not reflect as much detail as the very first one. Tried other different compression formats for the file, but all of them unsuccessful. [Screenshot from IBLBaker attached] That it's dark is not an issue, as long as I put some lights on my scene. My biggest concern is that after getting this new environment map into my scene in Babylon, turns out that the roughness is not processed for some reason. Every PBR material is 100% glossy, despite the values or textures applied to them. Metalness is, however, processed. What could be causing the problem? Am I exporting the DDS file from Photoshop with the wrong settings? Is it an issue from BabylonJS not being able to process a specific DDS compression? I'm at a loss. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks in advance! ❤️
  7. Hello! I was wondering if there's a way to use a color ramp to translate a grayscale diffuse texture to different colors. I'm not talking about tinting, which just puts a "coat" of a specific color. I'm talking about translating grayscale values to different colors. Here's an example of what I mean: Thank you in advance!
  8. @alvov and @dzen are helping me out with this too So in the playground we made two helmets next to each other, but the helmet on top is clearly not casting a shadow over the helmet on the bottom. You can see it here: Are we missing something? Thank you for your time!
  9. Hello! I have an issue I hope you can help me with. I'll put you in context and hope I can give you enough information. Let's say I have a PBR floor exported with diffuse, rough, metal and normal from 3DSMax with the Babylon plugin, as well as the environment texture for reflections. I would like to put a ball on this floor that casts a shadow over it, but for some reason it isn't working. It does work with a standard material, but not the PBR. Does this have to do with the 3DSMax export? Am I missing something in code? Should I tweak the shader somehow? Thank you for the help in advance!