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  1. This is exactly what I'm doing with my current game and it is so much better than everything I have done before. Good advice!
  2. Yes, I understand that is the best thing to do. Thanks.
  3. Hello. I want to go hi-res with my games and was wondering what is a good overall resolution. I understand fixed resolutions and scaling up and down isn't great, especially for games that will play on mobile, but that is all I know. I am thinking of something 16:9.
  4. Finally finished the thing and even had to change the name as requested by a client. You can play the "final" version here: http://aag.freevar.com/connect/index.html
  5. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to leave a reply. I am taking it all in and think that I might have found a solution that solves this and my level design hate and I may even really like the game(s) that will result from that for a change. I do agree that web games in general are not great and I personally don't play a lot of them. In fact, I feel the same way about native mobile apps and have none installed in any of my devices. I do enjoy how accessible web games are and have found myself surprised by a few of them both when flash was a big deal and now with HTML5. It is this ease of use that I enjoy the most about web games. When It comes to my own games I have to go with what my clients are looking for. There was a time that my main client wanted arcade games and I made quite a few, not great at all but they got sold and spared me the level design dilemma. Then interest shifted to puzzle games so puzzle games it is and they have been selling. I have been doing this for a while and every single game on my catalog has sold multiple licenses (minus the obvious exclusives). I understand that doesn't make them good, that just means my clients liked them and thought them a good addition for their website. I'm sure they know their visitors and I have come to accept that it isn't my concern whether their players like the games or not, but the fact that they continue to buy from me tells me that my work is liked by a certain audience. At the very least I try to make my own thing instead of trying to follow trends or clone this and that because is popular unless the client specifically asks for it. I have avoided plugin to my catalog till now but if anyone wants to take a look you can go over here. Thanks again!
  6. Because they paid first to have the games on their website and now they are suddenly everywhere else for free.
  7. Non-exclusives How so? I figured as much. I actually tried this way back then and wasn't very good but it was also only 6 games. Was thinking now with so many games it might have been worth a try. Still a thought and not moving in any direction.
  8. Been working on this game: PLAY I really thought I was on to something with this one but maybe I was just exited that I could actually code the thing, especially the backwards movement. I know is no big deal but I am not a real programmer so yeah. I just plan to add 1 more mechanic, a two way tile, and then is just completing 20 levels (which I hate so much) but I have been stumped for weeks at this point. One of my clients really liked the concept and I do want to finish it even if just for the one client.
  9. Over the past few years I have put together over 30 HTML5 games and have survived selling licenses. But there comes a time, after initial sales, that the games just sit there on my catalog waiting for an odd sale that might never happen. I have very loyal clients that I appreciate very much, in fact, I pitch the early games to them and if they like it then it gets done. So the games are sold even before they are completed. After that I may or may not sell another license. I am seriously considering revisiting my catalog, putting ads on all of the games, and then put them on as many platforms as possible. The thing is I feel it would be like backstabbing my clients who paid for a license and then if the games fail to generate any ad revenue I could lose my clients for nothing. Thoughts?
  10. Oh no. That part is easy. I am on GameMaker: Studio so its all visual. Just pick, place, and drag around. What I am talking about is the actual design of the levels as in making levels that are puzzling and actually fun to play rather than being obvious or obtuse or involving too much trail and error or being a shore to solve.
  11. Had to look up the word heuristic so this can't be something I can do 😀. But I can see how this could be a lot of fun to someone who actually knows what they are doing. I guess that is how those guys that make the Flow games have so many levels plus daily challenges. I do appreciate all the feedback. Thanks!
  12. Level design as in I made a puzzle game, got the mechanics done, but now is just so tedious to make levels out of them ( level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc...)
  13. What's the point? That sounds just as bad.
  14. I was hoping that was some app that will help me do my levels, don't know the first thing about procgen.
  15. Another year another batch of games. This was a slow year and the year of the sequel too. Joe Lost 2 Joe is lost again! Please help him. ABCya exclusive. Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account. PLAY Light On 2 The exclusive sequel to Light On only on ABCya.com! Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account. PLAY Bridge Hopper Hop from bridge to bridge to eat all the carrots or Bunny will cry ABCya exclusive. Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account. PLAY Money Land 2 Back to Money Land! In this strange new area your gravity will flip every time you stump a critter. ABCya exclusive. Playable only on desktop unless you have a mobile account. PLAY Jon Lightning Jon can move too fast for his own good. Help him. A port/adaptation of one of my old windows games under the Alexitron banner. PLAY Boxed 2 More Boxed fun. Now with metal boxes, moving walls, and holes! PLAY Lost Joe The none-exclusive edition of the Joe Lost games by popular demand. PLAY That was 2018 for me. Hope you guys had a good year as well. You can check out the rest of my catalog at www.gamesaag.com. I am thinking of removing the freebies section altogether. A question for fellow developers: I was thinking about making a mobile app with a compilation of some of my games and then continue to add to it as I make more. Anyone tried something similar? Simple puzzle games seems to be what I do best but I don't mind to experiment. I was thinking about 1080p resolution and hi-res graphics though I really like the style that I have been developing, maybe I'll try to reproduce it with 3d pixels instead. Thoughts? For GameMaker: Studio users: Tried to get into Studio 2 and just couldn't. That new user interface is an abomination and the node based events, I just don't get it. I hope they make a classic shell in the future for old farts who have been using GM for over 10 years. Hard to adapt now.
  16. You might be on to something. i had this happen with a different client and all they did was have spaces be replaced with one of these _ and problem solved. I'll let the client know. Thanks!
  17. One of my clients is having issues testing my games on their staging site before moving them to their live website. They get the following error: The game runs just fine from my service thou it wont move past the splash screen since it is site-locked. aag.freevar.com/public/adventuretom/index.html At first the client thought it was the site-lock not allowing the staging site but that wasn't it. Any idea what could it be? I am on the last version of GameMaker: Studio 1.4 if that matters.
  18. Here is a a little hack that worked for me. Just ad that anywhere on your game.js. I put it on the very beginning. if(typeof AudioContext != "undefined" || typeof webkitAudioContext != "undefined") { var resumeAudio = function() { if(typeof g_WebAudioContext == "undefined" || g_WebAudioContext == null) return; if(g_WebAudioContext.state == "suspended") g_WebAudioContext.resume(); document.removeEventListener("click", resumeAudio); }; document.addEventListener("click", resumeAudio); }
  19. I think I figured it out: https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/5/3/17251104/google-chrome-66-autoplay-sound-videos-mute Frustrating
  20. I was just checking on my games yesterday and realize that no sound or music is playing on Chrome for desktop. Firefox and Edge are working fine. IE never worked. On Chrome for Android sound and music will start playing after the first user input. Firefox works just fine. Did I miss something? Windws, Android, and browsers are all up to date. I'm on the latest version of GameMaker: Studio 1.4 now and having this issues but the games on my catalog where made on 1.4.1763 and still the same thing.
  21. I am working with a client who makes their own games too and they have the following issue when testing on iPads: So his problem is that his sound will come back after refocusing but it will be on and off. My problem ( which I wasn't aware of ) is that the music won't come back at all unless you turn it off and then on manually by an in game button. I am a GameMaker studio user so I blame that. I believe my client uses more traditional methods like real js and html etc. If you need more details let me know. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  22. Thanks. I do have a power inverter, 1500-3000 watts, that I hook up to a car that we can't run on the streets (long story). But we only use that for about 5 hours a day and that's when I usually work when the electric is gone. But it would be ideal if during that time I could charge up my laptop or 2-in-1 or whatever and then be able to use it for another 6-8 hours. I would really like to get myself a brand new device this time, and since I can spend around 1000 on it, I would like it to be a nice one with relatively recent and decent specs, ports, and battery life. I do understand that battery claims from manufacturers are just not real but I have read plenty of reviews for newer devices that can handle rather demanding apps like photo shop ( which I don't use at all ) and still give you a days of work worth of battery. A 15 inch laptop or even a 13 inch one are starting to look like great options too. I am seriously considering a Dell XPS either 13 or 15. The current models have all of the horse power and every port one could ask for and they certainly don't feel flimsy on the hands plus the battery life is among the best on any device. I tried a similar and cheaper HP Envy 13 with 8th gen intel side by side and it felt like it was ready to fall apart and I was afraid to get cut by the edges on the thing. The 17 inch model didn't appeal to me at all.
  23. Anybody? Here is what I need to know: Can these things really replace your Windows laptop/desktop/tablet and and be your all in one solution? I need them all but only have money for 1 and I really don't want another Android device ( don't care about iOS). Is the battery life as good as they claim? Is 12 inches too big for a tablet? Those type covers, are they any good for programming? I couldn't care less about the pen but, does it have any use for a developer? How do they handle when hooked up to a monitor? If you care about stories read on... WHY I NEED BOTH While my laptop is still doing its job fine, it doesn't have a screen so It isn't mobile at all plus its really old and even if it had a screen the battery wont last more than an hour. I dropped my Nexus 7(2013) and the screen cracked and the digitizer with it and it wouldn't work so I got really mad and threw it away. Now that was beyond stupid, I know, the thing is more expensive now than when it first came out! WHAT IT IS THAT I AM LOOKING FOR All day battery life: I live in Puerto Rico and just got my electric back 5 days ago after more than 60 days without. This hurricane thing could happen here every year and the electric will go even before the hurricane hits. Windows OS: I am a GameMaker: Studio user and that requires Windows. Even if it worked on either Linux or Mac ( or Android or iOS ) I still wouldn't go that way. It has to be Windows. Portability Long Lasting: As in good internal components ( 8th gen Intel CPU?) and port selection that wont be obsolete next year. I can't buy a new toy every other year, whatever I get will have to run with me for a very long time ( or till I drop it ) Within the 1000 budget WHAT I DON'T CARE ABOUT Gaming: I love gaming but it makes me unproductive (and yet I make games for a living...). Insanely high resolution screens: 1080p should be more than enough. I am not an artist and I have to buy a monitor anyways. Not to mention the impact on battery life. Really good audio: Any audio at all should suffice. Headphones. Cameras: Never use them. Cosmetics: It doesn't have to be the thinnest or the lightest. Huge vessels around the screen do bother me a bit. i7: GameMaker Studio and most other things I use are not so demanding but I don't want a slug (or something that will quickly become one) either. Buying it right now: I don't have to. I AM CONSIDERING ONE OF THESE SURFACE CLONES: Lenovo Miix 520 (intel 8th gen - no reviews yet - starting at 1000 ) Acer Switch 5 ( better bang for the buck without completely sucking? - about 800 ) Eve V (unproven yet promising but those cpu choices... starting at 800) Any suggestions? What about those upcoming ARM based Windows devices coming soon? Worth waiting? I never thought buying a new gig would be such a pain. Shouldn't I just be happy that I can finally get me a new toy? Too many options...