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  1. @Madclaws (hello) Sry i think you want that.
  2. Look at this physics/masked collision.html
  3. Hi, i need help, i get this when i refresh my game 1/2: and ofc (game.js 50) console: and in game.js line 50: this.rep_un_txt =, 0, 'pixel', this.rep_un, 100); i load 2 bitmap font in my load.js: gameState.loadState = function(game) { }; gameState.loadState.prototype ={ preload: function(){ //assets'barRep','./assets/bar_rep.png');'selecteur','./assets/selecteur.png') //fonts'pixel', './font/pixelBITM.png', './font/pixelBITM.fnt');'pixel_o', './font/pixelBITM_o.png', './font/pixelBITM_o.fnt');, this); }, start: function(){ // i use this for fix error (cheap) this.fixtext = this.add.text(-10, -10, {font: "1px pixel", fill: "#ffffff"}); this.state.start('Game'); } }; I can't found a fix or see what i m doing wrong :/ Early Thanks
  4. edit: Admin you can delete this poste. i was moving my player without velocity but by X and Y ...
  5. Papz

    Tilemap gets clipped

    I think is the world bounds. if you have a canvas W and H: 500 and you move your camera to 600, they crop your sprites bcs you are out of the world you need set a world bounds, 0, 600, 500); so your camera is your canvas H and W but your world is much bigger: H 500 and W: 600 the red line is your camera in your exemple now with setBounds you can move your camera (red line / canvas size ) + 100 to the right and no one is clipped
  6. Hi, If you dont find one, look what you need in your game, learn how to use it and create your own game, i think is the best way too learn. If you juste want a copy/past and never fall, you can't learn. I never say you just want Copy/Past I start phaser 3 days ago, the first thing i do is: What a i need for my game: Start -> timer start -> action by click (2 states true or false) if true -> function doTrue(){} // animation for my player and TimeBar, timerBar ++ if false -> function doFalse() // animation for my timBar, timeBar-- (...) You need define what you need, what states can take your actions and what is the order for Actions/Events Create a logical time line for your game and after you can dev it with the docs like that: mhhh how to create a buble with physics ? docs -> Phaser.Physics.ARCADE or P2 Ok i need ARCADE, so how apply physics on my bubule bullet -> docs / google I hope this will help you .