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  1. Hi @Deltakosh, yes, I'm biting my teeth on this one, for a while now. I already considered texture-baking, but in my actual scene I will have a few camera-points which the user can move between and I need to change the spherical mapping to a different texture and center point on the fly. I also tried to solve it with a glsl shader, where I was getting close, but not 100%. Problem there was to spherical wrap the texture around the viewpoint and that I actually don't have any knowledge of glsl.
  2. Thank you @Deltakosh. I already tried that. It took me a while, but I created a Playground for this issue. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#IDGHBP#5 As you can see, the reflection doesn't bring the right result as it moves with the camera and is mirrored. What I actually want, is the projected Texture on the meshes to look exactly like the spherical panorma itself, as if there wasn't any geometry at all and so when you move a bit with the arrow-keys, you can see, that the texture is actually just projected on the surfaces from the initial point of the camera.
  3. I already tried this, but as it is not one mesh, with a spherical uv-mapping, but several meshes with different mappings, just changing the mapping mode, won't work. Here are some pictures of the problem. First is the rendering, second the mesh in babylon and third the mesh with a diffuse-texture, set to spherical_mode. What I really want to archieve is a look like the rendering, but projected on the meshes, so when I move a bit to the side, the Panorama gets realistically distorted.
  4. Hey folks, first of all: thank you for this great forum. It came to the rescue a few times, now. So, thanks everyone, who's participating. I'm currently working on an idea, where I would like to project a spherical panorama texture to a mesh from inside (meaning from the viewpoint). Similar to a standard VR-Viewer, where the texture is mapped on a sphere from inside. But in my case I would like to map it on the actual scene-mesh which I get from 3dsmax. Now, I know, that I could create the UV's or bake the texture in 3dsmax, but I want to switch between two camera positions and theref
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