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  1. Hello everyone, after some detours and feature-creep, here is the next version of the game: 0.4.6, complete with homing missiles, responsive menu layouts and the ability to create and play your own missions. Experimental touch controls are added, too, though there is no tutorial for them as of yet and there are some bugs. There are no visible buttons, the screen is simply divided to 4 quadrants: use bottom left of screen to turn (just press down and move the finger around) top left to set speed (swipe up / down to accelerate / decelerate, tap to stop, swap right to change
  2. Hello, I have not given up, there are just other priorities in my life. In fact the next version is almost done! It has missiles (and more), but no collision between ships yet, sorry. I will try to release it in the coming weeks, there are just some finishing touches I want to take care of before.
  3. Hello, "active development" is probably not the appropriate term, since I have last committed in March and the latest release is from last May. I have been busy with commissioned project work recently, but it is still on my mind almost every day, so it isn't abandoned in that sense. I want to put out at least one major update this year. Feel free to create a fork for multiplayer and if you need any assistance or have questions, let me know. If it works out great, we can merge it back upstream. KrisztiƔn
  4. Thank you! It is in the plans, although I did not have much time for development lately, so I cannot promise it will come soon. I have some changes already done for the next version (touchscreen controls and some important fixes for broken rendering on certain machines and more music tracks), which can be expected soon, but collision is not included yet. I do have some ideas for a solution that might work decently enough and would be fast enough for the browser, if that works out, I could push it out in the next months.
  5. I have updated the game to 0.4.5. There is a new mission with a new playable fighter, and I've done lots of performance optimizations on the engine (preparing for an upcoming version playable on mobile phones)
  6. Hello, I've played the game for a while (lost track of time, which is good :)), and I love it! Really nice work, keep it up! Here are the things I noticed: - only some resources are visible at the top bar, while the game has more. Workforce and maintenance would be nice to see as well, for example in a "free/all" format. For example if you have 50 workforce available and 47 allocated, it could say: "Workforce: 3/50 šŸš¹" (I didn't find if the still available workforce (or even the total allocated one) is displayed anywhere at all, so I always added up the allocated ones every time to se
  7. @Milton No, I'm saying "there are awesome free music resources available you can find with an afternoon of search". Awesome is more inclusive than "on the level of Morricone and Vangelis". It's more like "of surprisingly good quality, despite being free". When I was looking for sound effects for my game, I stumbled upon a lot of music that was far better than I would have imagined is available for free to use. If I were to hear a cut of Bush Week or The Water and the Well or Crux from Nihilore in a game, my first thought wouldn't be that they got it for free, but rather that this game has awes
  8. I purposefully didn't mention inertia, because I'm in the niche that prefers reality over arcade style in this regard (remember, "fun" is always subjective: for me, breaking / getting slowed down a lot by some magical drag in the vacuum of space just breaks suspension of disbelief / immersion, however intuitive (= in line with the player's previous experiences) it might be. So I would rather use "fun for most players" in this case, which is indeed relevant for any game that needs to generate revenue - unless targeting a specific underserved niche) So I enjoy games with realistic inertia (
  9. I just finished it. Really cool, I love the accurate ratio of orbit sizes (given my interest/hobby in astronomy, things like these are a big plus for me), the atmosphere and the music! I didn't catch that auto-pilot hint, I only see it now among the screenshots, but I wouldn't have used it anyway, where's the fun in that? (this is not a suggestion to take it out, just my hardcore preference) Great job so far, will be interesting to see where this develops, good luck!
  10. I have updated the game with the 0.4.4 release, bringing some polish and fixes and basic analytics integration just so that I can see if anybody else actually plays it The low training weapon fire rate and loud menu click sounds are fixed, too
  11. @Skeptron Thanks! And good point! It was accidental (because of a wrongly placed audio compressor node), I fixed it, should be alright in 0.4.4, coming in a few days.
  12. Thanks for the compliment and the feedback, @marcgfx! The targeting mechanic currently is the same as for classic space sims (like Freespace), but I plan to add auto-targeting and firing in the direction of the mouse as well in the future. The rate of fire is different for each weapon, but now that you mention it, for the training weapon it is indeed very low and only for obsolete reasons, so I raised it for the next version. The 4/sec of the basic weapon feels good to me as there is a specific class of weapons with high rate (8-10/sec) planned for the future for those who like that play
  13. @inteja Thank you for the log! I will look into this and post an update if I might have a fix.
  14. @inteja Thank you for the feedback! What browser have you used? I don't have a Mac available to test at the moment, but when I tested it quite a long time ago, there was a bug in Safari that caused similar symptoms to what you describe, while the game worked totally fine in Chrome (and in Opera, though terribly slowly). If it happens in all browsers, could you try to start the game (possibly in Chrome/Chromium) with the developer console open (cmd+shift+i in Chrome/Mac I believe) and send me what appears there before the game crashes? (try to get a screenshot before the freeze, or just take a
  15. @HeadClot Thank you! Good questions! Sorry if the answers turned out a bit long. 1. At the moment, only a single controller is supported. So if you have a throttle that is separate from your joystick, unfortunately there is no way to set it up (I plan to add support for this later). However, if you have a throttle axis built into your joystick (as with my Thrustmaster T.16000M) or have a HOTAS controller that is built as a single device, it should work. I have not yet added a way to change the default bindings from inside the game, so if it has a different mapping than my Thrustmaster, it
  16. Thank you Stephan! Although the engine is nowhere near something like Unity, or even smaller, single-platform engines. It is specialized only for 3D, 6-DOF space shooters. The upside of that is the game runs on hardware as bad as my low-spec phone (although I haven't implemented touch controls, and the game by design is desktop-focused), while the Unity WebGL games (even simpler ones) just crash in the middle of the loading phase.
  17. Hello everyone, in late 2013 I started experimenting with what is possible using JavaScript/WebGL (coming from a computer engineering - C++/Java university background). Over time it grew into a game engine and then this game, as I worked on it in my free time next to full time jobs and more recently, contracting work. So it is entirely custom code (the only library used is RequireJS to load the JS files themselves), and I made all the assets as well (models, textures, music, sound effects (using some free CC licensed sound samples as a base) - you can find details in the "About" page
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