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  1. Yep, you're right! My bad. Perfect! This is exactly what it was. This fixed all the issues I was having. Also, this is a great piece of information and it would be great if this can go on the official documentation somewhere (that is, if it's not already there and I skipped past it 😐).
  2. I am using the `AssetsManager` to load a glb file to my scene. I am basically replicating this: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#Y7XMAR#0 Now, after the glb is loaded, I give it a parent so that I can manage the overall mesh's position/rotation. Here's what I have done: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#Y7XMAR#1 This technique works well for most meshes, except some where it rotates the mesh in a weird way or moves the individual components around. I wasn't sure how to upload a custom mesh on to the playground, so I have the glb file on this url: table_tennis.glb Any idea why this could be happening?
  3. When we enter into VR mode (using the defaultVRExperience), the VR camera is at the same position as the desktop view camera. So, if a user played with the default Universal Camera before entering into VR, (s)he would begin somewhere in the air. To fix this, I added an `onEnteringVRObservable` that changes the position of the WebVR camera, but that didn't seem to work (https://playground.babylonjs.com/#VTUSD6). How can I make the user start from the ground (a fixed point on the ground will also work)?
  4. Sure, let me get back with the fps numbers/a better example.
  5. We have a scene with around ~100 meshes (ranging from simple planes/cubes to ones with ~10,000 tris). The scene renders quite well in VR. However, when we move closer to a mesh, the frame rate drops. This effect can be reproduced on a simple scene like this one: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#p5nkvt (moving very close to any of the spheres causes the frame drop). We're using the default VR experience and the engine configuration is the same as the one in the playground. Is this a known effect? If yes, it would be great to know the possible cause and fix. Our system configuration is as follows: Headset: Dell Vysor OS: Windows 10 RS 3 System: GTX 1080/GTX 1060, 16 GB RAM Browser: Microsoft Edge
  6. @RaananW thanks, everything works as expected!
  7. Hello, We are our scene through data coming from a third-party application and we would like to navigate through the scene in VR. We are using the WebVR Experience Helper with teleportation enabled - it works pretty well apart from one small issue. Calibrating the objects in the environment to the user's height such that the objects that are supposed to be at eye-level seem to be at the eye-level in VR is something we have to do manually right now. Is there a standard height (from the ground) that the user's eye level is at by default? Or does this depend on ground size/subdivisions? Also, does 1 unit in BabylonJS map to a real unit (feet/metre/etc.) in VR? Let me know if my question seems a little unclear. We are using Windows Mixed Reality Headsets for this.