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  1. AFAIK, there are many ways to code in PhaserJS, because javascript it self have many different versions like ES6, but for typescript and coffeescript I let you read this article
  2. Hi, congrats, so what is the main purpose of impactjs, or did i missed something ?
  3. gg thx, but i don't understand why the "-" doesn't work on my azerty keyboard, i just noticed that i have beaten the actual high score but it doesn't record my score
  4. gg thx, it takes a little bit of time to understand how to buy ships and create a fleet, then it is really funny when the other players comes and destroy all your fleet while you try to escape
  5. Does the book Interphase1 explains how to manage pause in an #PhaserJS manner or it's from scratch, because the example of @samme answers the question of how to pause in an easy manner
  6. I have published games on but in the context of Game Jams
  7. Hi, I am actually using this tool for my spritesheet
  8. Hi, i am new to babylonjs i find that it's better then threejs in term of the discussions here in the forum
  9. Hello, I just have submitted a basic game around Phaser in the actual game jam Feel free to discuss it in
  10. Hi, Take a look at you'll like it
  11. This is probably because you have to allow HTTP connxion in you app to let it connect to the internet
  12. Nice to see that babylonjs was presented in the last Siggraph
  13. The first layer i use is a green background then i add a tree from Zelda light world spritesheet, right after i define the tiles which the sprite will collide, in this order it worked fine, then i create the player
  14. I've noticed that the order in which you declare the layers and the player are important
  15. I remeber something like this that i've made for a phaser version of Zelda var PlayState = function() {}; PlayState.prototype = { init: function() { // Game stats for local storage, rewards and win/loss screen this.gameStats = { health : 3 }; }, create: function() { //World map = game.add.tilemap('hyrule'); map.addTilesetImage('light_world.tiles', 'light_world'); // Order of layer in tile editor is important for collision layer1 = map.createLayer('Calque de Tile 1'); layer2 = map.createLayer('Calque 2'); layer1.resizeWorld(); //The big tree i didn't uses a collision for the little trees yet map.setCollisionBetween(1078, 1085, true, layer2);//look at the id in tiled on the spritesheet map.setCollisionBetween(1174, 1181, true, layer2); map.setCollisionBetween(1271, 1276, true, layer2); map.setCollisionBetween(1369, 1370, true, layer2); //Playerand player = new Player(); player.create(); //As the order of the layers is important it's also important here //to call it after the sprite layer3 = map.createLayer('Calque 3'); }, update: function(){ game.physics.arcade.collide(player, layer2); player.update(); } } © 2017 GitHub, Inc.
  16. I like how you made the story that introduce the game, is it tweens ?
  17. something like var levels = { "maps" : [ {"level1" : "..."}, {"level2" : "..."}, {"level3" : "..."}, ...]}
  18. electonjs is built from a version of chromium from the devs of atom editor, it's fine, i've trued it but i've stuck on the scaling things, why you don't just play your index.html in a browser or you use simply expressjs by saying to your players to run localhost:3000
  19. I like those companies that create games for fun and put their ads in them, it's like if it comes from nowhere
  20. It seems you didn't set the collision layer, like you did with foreground right ?
  21. did you tryed an array of json maps ?
  22. It's perhaps the format of the audio did you tryed an other format ? what are you using , wav, ogg, mp3 ? did you tryed to code an array of different format like in the examples ?