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  1. same here, Babylon is the only dependency in which I allow my self to use the "non-stable" releases, so whenever I update the project dependencies I upgrade Babylon to the latest possible version. (usually happens every two-three weeks)
  2. @Tomm Huth I practically asked the same question a few weeks ago, and still completely agree.
  3. Hey, nine patch images are great but won't do the trick for me, I need some sort of control over the border-radius, sometimes I need it on the left sometimes I need it on the right and sometimes I don't need it at all. About renaming public properties I don't think you should change the name right now, but if you think that following the CSS spec is a good idea there are a few things you can do: - rename cornerRadius to borderRadius, and add cornerRadius as an alias for borderRadius. - mark "cornerRadius" as deprecated for the upcoming releases and when enough time has pass
  4. Hello, What do you guys think about adding the option for setting a different border-radius (corner radius) for each corner? Furthermore, I think that it might be better to try and follow as much as possible the CSS specification, for example - instead of calling the 'cornerRadius" property it should have been called "borderRadius", obviously I don't think you can implement all the CSS specification, I just think that when we do implement a feature the API should be based upon CSS.
  5. Awesome, can't wait for 4.0 then. Does changing the version to 4.0 means breaking changes? you guys are following semver?
  6. Just found this thread, sorry for the double post. @Jörg Wasmeier Have you found any solution?
  7. Thanks a lot for your help, but how can I do it? if the exception already occurred and I turn it off I need a way to re-render the entire scene. There is no way of knowing that this filter is not supported by the browser before trying to render it? and if so, maybe throw an error but still render the material (but without shadows?) Cause since I last comment I saw more and more unsupported devices which makes me think of using a different shadow filter even tough this one looks so much better and the performance is great! Are you sure it depends on the Android version? caus
  8. Can I somehow detect if percentage closer filtering is supported? Cause from what I saw it's the balance between quality and performance? (It also reproduce on s9 and note 5) Also, If I may suggest update the documentation about that Thanks again!
  9. Hello, When using "usePercentageCloserFiltering" on Samsung S8+ (Android 8.0.0) I get "Unable to compile effect" after that any texture that can receive shadows doesn't work, reproduce with the doc's playground (https://playground.babylonjs.com/#B48X7G#1) Any temporary workaround will be appreciated! I the following stack trace: babylon.js:4 BJS - [02:50:41]: Uniforms: world, view, viewProjection, vEyePosition, vLightsType, vAmbientColor, vDiffuseColor, vSpecularColor, vEmissiveColor, vFogInfos, vFogColor, pointSize, vDiffuseInfos, vAmbientInfos, vOpacityInfos, vReflectionI
  10. But should I do it manually? or the 3dsmax babylon exporter supports it? (from a quick brief at the exporter source code it looks like the exporter should export normal maps for PBR materials)
  11. Thanks for the quick reply, but I'm not sure what you mean by "Normal Bump node", please elaborate?
  12. Hello again, Sorry for the delay, I understand that that's a 3dsMax question but I've tried several technics to create the normal map but couldn't export any of them. I see the difference when I render the object on 3dsMax but when I export the mesh to a ".babylon" file the normalTexture is null. This is how I create the material on 3dsmax. Thanks!
  13. Hello, This is pretty general any might be a little off topic, but I'm looking for a way to create a normal map on a mesh created in 3dsMax. I want to create something like https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#LRFB2D#1 Help will be very much appreciated.
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