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  1. Wwwooowww... Both solutions are elegant. Many thanks!!
  2. Hello, I'm trying to create an SPS with up/down movement of the particles. What I want is to simulate the floating motion in the water. I have tried with pivot.y and Math.sin(k) with k++ but all the particles are moving as a mesh. What I want is to animate the particles randomly (i.e. some of them to move up while some others to move down and at different positions). This is what I got so far: Any suggestions?
  3. Yes, this is working but how is this explained? I mean why efter cleaning the cache there are still remainings? And why do I need to rename the file each time? Is there any workaround to this?
  4. Ok, but removing these slots has no effect because as I mentioned above the engine somehow loads them again (even with cleaning cache).
  5. Hello, I have a .babylon file exported from blender with a rotation animation but when I try to load it (I have tried both addMeshTask() and ImportMesh()) I get a "position animation" with zero values and "scaling animation" with fixed values. This cause me a problem when I call beginAnimation() because I'm not able to scale and position the model in my scene. Moreover when I edit the file and remove the "position animation" and "scaling animation" the engine somehow loads them again (even with cleaning cache). Why there are these animations added? Is it something wrong with my export in blender?
  6. Problem solved!! I have isolated the animated objects in 2 different .babylon files and now the animations are correct. Many thanks for your help guys...
  7. Hi, I have an issue when using the blender exporter and two animations on two different meshes. In my .blend file I have created 2 animated meshes, 1) a sphere falling on a rectangle mesh and 2) a container ship that rotates around x-axis at 45d. These animations are baked before being exported. When I try to export, for some unexplained reason the scaling of the sphere is changing and becomes the same as the container ship. Moreover, when I drop the .babylon file in the sandbox, the sphere position is changing and is being merged with bottom of the container ship and the animations are somehow combined which is not expected. Could you please explain me what I'm doing wrong? The .blend file: The .babylon file: Thank you in advance.
  8. I didn't know that I had to restart blender in order to work... Sorry for the mistake.
  9. Hello, I have just updated the last version of blender exporter and I'm not able to export a simple scene. This is the error log I get: Exporter version: 5.6.2, Blender version: 2.79 (sub 0) ========= Conversion from Blender to Babylon.js ========= Scene settings used: selected layers only: false inline textures: false Positions Precision : 4 Normals Precision : 3 UVs Precision : 3 Vert Color Precision: 3 Mat Weight Precision: 2 texture directory: D:\Blender tutorial\My models\Babylonjs Exports\ Python World class constructor completed ========= An error was encountered ========= File "C:\Users\mandim.ICS\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\babylon-js\", line 103, in execute mesh = Mesh(object, scene, self) ERROR: __init__() missing 3 required positional arguments: 'forcedParent', 'nameID', and 'exporter' ========= end of processing ========= elapsed time: 0 min, 0.004 secs What I'm doing wrong? Attached is the .blend file. Thank you in advance... ExampleForBabylonjs.blend
  10. Thanks for the notice. This resolved the issue. Many thanks...
  11. I know that in sandbox its loading fine. That's why I created this topic. Is it possible to load the .babylon in the playground and how?
  12. Actually only the white material is being applied.
  13. Hello, I'm having an issue when trying to import a blender model (i.e. .babylon). I have created a simple bottle in blender with multimaterials (3 colors) and export it to .babylon. Here is the snippet code: var bottleMeshTask = assetsManager.addMeshTask("BottleTask", "Bottle", "assets/Bottle/", "bottle.babylon"); bottleMeshTask.onSuccess = function (task) { console.log(task); bottle = BABYLON.Mesh.MergeMeshes(task.loadedMeshes, true, true, null); bottle.position.z = -150; bottle.position.y = 0; bottle.position.x = 10; bottle.rotation.z = Math.PI / 2.0; bottle.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(0.3, 0.3, 0.3); console.log(bottle); }; bottleMeshTask.onError = function (task, message, ex) { console.log(message, ex); } assetsManager.load(); The problem is that when I insert the asset using the addMeshTask(...) it only shows the top first material. Any ideas? bottle.babylon bottle.blend
  14. Hello, I'm a newbee at babylonjs and I'm currently learning the BJS engine as well as the blender for 3d modelling. I have a problem when I import a .babylon file that I have created in blender. What I want to do is after loading the model, to set an ArcRotate camera to the model. I'm using this propery in order to set the target: var assetsManager = new BABYLON.AssetsManager(scene); var boatMeshTask = assetsManager.addMeshTask("BoatTask", "Boat", "assets/Boat/", "tugboat.babylon"); boatMeshTask.onSuccess = function (task) { model = task.loadedMeshes[0]; model.position.z = -80; model.position.y = 3; = model; camera.lockedTarget = model; }; assetsManager.load(); ... The problem is that when I try to apply a rotation to the model at Z axis, my skybox rotates as well. I'm using BABYLON.Space.LOCAL. For translation I'm using the following code: model.rotate(BABYLON.Axis.Z, rotationAngle, BABYLON.Space.LOCAL); This is the model I try to load: Any suggestion;