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  1. Hi, I want to use phaser for making interactive videos, so I can (for example) reproduce a video, then stop and draw buttons over the video (or at least, define interactive areas over it), and then keep reproducing the video, or jump to another point of the video. That's the idea. So... Where I can find references for phaser 3 about video, and sprites overlay and so...? Any idea? Any help? Any example? Thanks in advance...
  2. Thanks for answering so fast... I really appreciate that. Among Richards, we have to support us, so I became a patreon. I'm now teaching gamedev using phaser, and I love it...
  3. Btw, that opinion coming from you is probably the best possible...
  4. Hi, I made some searchs, and found some stuff. However, it looks obsolete. So, my question is: With current version, can my users execute my game offline? I mean, make a zip with game files, so them can unzip and execute index.html. Obviously, without local webserver nor touching security parameters. I use sprites, sounds and/or videos. If you need more data/details, just feel free to ask.