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  1. Hello, programmers, designers, game enthusiasts and work with this entertaining game! We are Vietnamese. We are young people who have enjoyed playing games since childhood. We are passionate about them and now we create them. We love the work we do. We are approaching the technology of making games with html5. And we look forward to cooperating remotely with anyone who needs us. We have been doing game projects for partners putting them on their website. We can do everything from web programming, frontend, backend, web api, payment integration to in-game client. However, we have not done much gaming projects yet. We are young and want to challenge. We will take your project and take it seriously. You will not lose money if we do not work well. We can work both weekends and even in extreme weather. Please contact us if you are interested. Our English is very low. We will improve it. Get your CV via this email: 247entertainmentjobs@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you and sharing your passion for an entertaining gaming world.
  2. HI Jacob. I have a team (3 people) can make game. integrate the game into the web. If you are interested, please mail to: 247entertainmentjobs@gmail.com