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  1. Thank you for the quick response! If I have a lot of draw calls, then I should reduce the count of textures? Or just better manage the order they are drawing? In my case, I have a "P" and "O" textures instead of "A" or "B" that cause a lot of draw calls and they just do not fit in the 8/16 textures limit.
  2. Hi all, I'm wondering, is there a way to manually select texture atlases order to batch (if I have more than device supports). Previously I worked on Phaser CE(based on PIXI renderer) and there was an option to choose an array of textures that I can batch firstly. Now I'm not sure is there a created way to do this. Thank you for your time)
  3. We will think about this feature, that is an interesting idea, thanks)
  4. Hi! We have released our first puzzle-skill game. You need to pass through level growing up bushes behind you. There are 3 game modes(easy, medium, hard). We would be glad to hear your feedback) Game link - there it is
  5. Original post: https://phaser.discourse.group/t/iphone-5-plus-6-plus-textureatlas-bug/261 Hi, i’ve developed puzzle game but QA told me that on Iphone 5/6 plus weird bug(see image below). I have 3 modes on my game(24,49,98 pieces, and when it’s 24 pieces there is no bug, but when i try to draw 49 and 98 pieces there is this bug) Also i use multitexture batching to optimise the game. I have no device to test it and i would really happy if you can help me with that. UPD: I manually crop the image that i load from server(I have prerendered images of pieces form and use bitmapdata to dra
  6. Thanks for response, I use RESIZE because my game UI depends on device type(phones, desktop). Everything is ok on different mobile devices and desktop, but on samsung g360h i've got black screen over the game(it's seems like this black screen rendered on top of the game screen on some reason, but game stiil under this black screen). I don't know why it's happening. I can't record video right now, but I'll post video as soon as i can.
  7. Hi, i've got some weird(i guess) problem with game screen on Samsung G360H. I've got black screen over game screen(game still under the black screen but i can't get rid of it. I know that game is under because after device rotating, black screen appear with "delay") I use ScaleManager.RESIZE to handle scale of the game. And this problem i have only on this phone. Anyone had similar issues? How can i fix it? Looking for your help, thanks)
  8. Also you can check in the input handler intersection of custom created rectangle and pointer
  9. Fixed(just lag with padding in texture atlas)
  10. Hi, i have weird problem with my sprites when i scale them down, some artifacts appears on edge of some(not of all) sprites. When i turn antialias off they're not appearing, but my game is not pixel art game) Do anyone know how can i fix this? Or the reasons why that artifacts are appearing? Thanks)
  11. It's hard to say what's wrong without code, but what about draw calls statistic?
  12. Thanks for detailed answer. That's the mask image, i have about 20 mask images for puzzle pieces. I load images for puzzle from server. There is not actual in-game code, just sample for testing(cause algorithm of puzzle creation too big for simple explanation). About the text, i've tried to draw button sprites and then only text, but if i "addChild" text into button, it draws next to that button, doesn't matter where i call it in the code. And i tried to not "addChild" and only try to update text scale, position, etc. to button, but this doesn't work as i expected. I guess you told a
  13. Also i'm wondering if there some way to improve webfont draw call optimization? cause i have 3 buttons and it takes 6 draw calls to create them, is there way to improve this?May be render as image or something like that. P.S Thanks a lot to everyone for your advices)
  14. I'm using https://www.leshylabs.com/apps/sstool/ and it's pretty good, but as mentioned rich i need to dynamically generated atlas. But thank you for you answer) My problem solved(i hope so) by generating textureAtlas. my code if it'll help someone: let str:string = '{"frames":{'; let bmpTexture:Phaser.BitmapData = this.game.make.bitmapData(750,750); //Puzzle pieces block let _puzzlePieceSrc:Phaser.Sprite = this.game.make.sprite(0,0, "gameAssets", "puzzlePiece"); let _puzzleBmpData:Phaser.BitmapData = this.game.make.bitmapData(_puzzlePieceSrc.width, _puzzlePieceSrc.height); let sp:P
  15. Thanks a lot for your answers. Unfortunatelly i can't create puzzle atlases because i'm using dynamically loaded images for puzzle. I'm not sure how to correctly create spritesheet for this task, but i'm wondering is there a way to create dynamically texture atlas and put all of this puzzle pieces into it and use it? I've found cache addTextureAtlas function but i'm not sure how to create the texture from all of this sprites.
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