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  1. Thank you dearly for the insight @que! Why the choice of c# for the backend rather than say node.js? Personal preference?
  2. After playing around for a bit I am impressed, and as a lover of Tibia I am excited to see this project develop! Would you talk about your tech stack a bit? (i.e. what you use on the frontend and backend, graphics libraries, etc)? That would be amazing to hear about! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Hey! I've decided to build a simple 2D framework for building multiplayer/MMO games (similar scope to Agar.io), I have significant experience in building multiplayer engines for windows/linux but I have never touched web. If you have any advice on libraries and development technologies, or general advice, I would greatly appreciate it. My current tech stack (if you think this is naive feel free to call me out, as I am indeed naive.): Language: Typescript Client Platform: Browser IDE: VS2017 Rendering: Pixi.js Physics: Box2D or simila
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