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  1. Yes, that's exactly it. It's on my bug list to fix! Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed it.
  2. Sure. It's now also available on Itch. There you can play it without any account https://bluemath.itch.io/fold-wars
  3. Hi devs, I've been working on "Fold Wars" for past few months. I had posted link to some early builds on this forum before. Now the game is available on Kongregate to play. During the beta testing to Kongregate's K+ users, the response was very positive. The game is HTML5, written in typescript. Only dependency is pixi.js. Give it a shot and let me know your impressions. Link: https://www.kongregate.com/games/blumath/fold-wars Here's a screenshot
  4. Cool games. Nice graphics. I noticed that your old games were in Flash (on pencilkids.com), but the ones on monkeyhappy.com are html5. Did you re-code them or used some tool to convert?
  5. Today's update brings revamp of tower artwork. The new tower sprites are minimal, crisp, distinguishable, work at both normal and double resolution. Also updated the drawing of walls between adjascent towers. Fixed some bugs in wall drawing algorithm which used to leave out some sections without walls.
  6. New animation to keep track of gold on the map. More here: https://jay3sh.itch.io/fold-wars-proto/devlog/24778/wheres-my-gold
  7. New Ship design https://jay3sh.itch.io/fold-wars-proto/devlog/24483/new-ship-design
  8. jay3sh


    Very cute graphics. Loved the end of play analysis in circular charts. But I was very frustrated with controls. I simply can't correctly map left-right keys to the character's left-right while looking at it top down. It's too confusing. I couldn't beat your game even once. But maybe it's just me, because I had the same problem with Rocket League, and ppl love it. Good luck.
  9. Pretty addictive! Good job. Built 3 restaurants. I think this guy got stuck (maybe a bug).
  10. Good start. I had the same experience that GuiGhost mentioned above. Bottles come towards the character and surround it very fast. It does make it difficult. However it's not the difficulty that's the problem. I find it more frustrating that I can't find the pattern that the bottles follow to come to the character. If they were following a certain rule: say coming down in straight line under the weight of gravity, then I would know to move sideways in time to avoid them. If they are going to move sideways, then there should be some pattern to them (e.g. bouncy physics), so that I can anti
  11. I agree with previous comments. It seems to have single difficulty level and that happens to be "Very hard". It'll be better to have movement of tiles without having to drag by mouse. On mouse hover show arrows, which can be clicked to move tile in respective direction.
  12. Like the simplicity of the game. Wish it was a bit forgiving (e.g. 3 misses before you loose)!
  13. Nice work. It could get addictive. One problem I had was the sluggish response of controls. I found it frustrating.
  14. I'm glad to see you using SVG for the project. I'll be curious to see how it goes. In past two years I've tried to use SVG for games, but I've found that if you have a dynamic rendering scene you will quickly run into performance problems. I now use WebGL powered pixijs for rendering and SVG for UI part. In your case the interface looks less dynamic, but geared more towards UI interaction. SVG seems the best choice for that. It's definitely lot more debugging friendly (thanks to Chrome dev tools) than any iOS other native layout libraries. Good luck. Looking forward to a demo.
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