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  1. Thanks a bunch for your replies scope2229 and samme! I appreciate your thoughtful responses. It does almost feel like all developers are speaking an entirely different language though (and I'm actually not as much of a tech dummy as I'm sure I sound!) There obviously has to be a knowledge base and vocabulary for any kind of communication and maybe I'm just not there yet. Regardless, although I definitely appreciate your responses it wasn't really what I was looking for except for confirmation that I did indeed need to install a local server and that Live Preview in Brackets wasn't a substi
  2. I realize this is a tremendously dumb question but I've been struggling for months (intermittently) with just getting the files set up so I can start doing some Phaser tutorials. I've read and tried to follow the Get Started guide, but being new to development in general I'm having a really hard time understanding what they're asking me to do. Where I'm at: I have downloaded phaser 3.zip and put it onto the hard drive of my computer, and unzipped it. I have installed the editor Brackets, which has a live preview that (I think - but am not sure) I can use instead of a local web brow
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