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  1. Thanks a lot man. The autoStretch fix fixes that part of the problem perfectly The pixelation is kinda rough when zooming in on a sphere though. The problem with the textPlane blocking mouse events is also an issue for me :/
  2. So I have messed around a bit more and I'm now rid of the problem with the textPlane blocking the mouse events. I however still have problems with getting the input field to resize along with the length of the input string. autoStretchWidth doesn't seem to do anything for me unfortunately. Manually setting width or height immediately gives me problems with the font stretching and smudging :/ Line 203:
  3. brianzinn your solution looks a lot like something I need for sure. The only difference for me would be that I need it as an input field in stead
  4. So I am trying to create an input field above a sphere. I have problems with applying the proper proportions of the input field without the text either being way too small, or being stretched and smudged if when it get large enough. Furthermore I have problems with the textPlane, on which the input is attached, getting in the way and preventing hover and mouse events on the sphere below it. Here is what I got at line 203: I feel like I'm lacking proper control of positioning and sizing the input, probably because I'm doing something silly somewhere. Would love to get some ideas from you guys on how to fix it
  5. That's neat solution, and it seems to work perfectly. Thanks Too bad that It takes these extra steps to achieve this however. Seems like given that "target" should be able to be animated itself and be the end of it.
  6. So I have a ArcRotationCamera that is fixed on a target sphere. When I click a different sphere, I would like to animate the camera to move to and zoom in on the new target. Unfortunately I haven't been able figure out how to smoothly animate ArcRotateCamera switching to a new target like that, so my solution so far has been to switch to a FreeCamera, which I can then animate to the new target, and afterwards switch back to the ArcRotateCamera on the new position. Unfortunately the perspective is bugging out and is very janky to say the least. Basically the camera should turn towards the targeted sphere like the box does in this example: It seems like something that should be so simple to do, but I've been stumbling around this problem for a couple of days, and this is the best I've come up with so far: Anyone who knows a proper way to solve this problem?
  7. Doh of course! Now it works! Thanks a lot
  8. Hi again I am still having the same issues with the CORS-policy. When linking to the folder containing the skybox files I get the following error: skyboxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("", scene); "Redirect from '' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access." What am I missing?
  9. Thanks a lot guys. Will check it out immediately
  10. Is there any way to load custom skyboxes in the playground? I am trying to get a nebula skybox to play around with, but when linking to external files I keep getting CORS errors. Hope you guys can help