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  1. Completely understand about feeling a bit lost without a tutorial. You seem to have caught on to a lot of it pretty well though. Until I get a tutorial in, I've added the instructions above. The workers that disappeared likely got chomped on by one of those wasps and died, but that could have been made much clearer. I'll add corpses rather than just leaving the shadow weirdly like that. I recently merged the single-player and multi-player code together so I didn't need to maintain two codebases for the same stuff. From your console logs it appears it's running some functions in single-player mode it shouldn't, and the game over isn't appearing as intended. I'll look into that. Thanks!
  2. Take on the role of a queen honey bee looking to build a hive. She can start and build a colony by birthing workers and setting their tasks. Workers can forage flowers for nectar and pollen, nurse the brood, build new hive cells, and defend the hive from wasps and other players. How to Play Press and hold where you want to go , and the queen bee will head there. Place a hive with the 'new hive' button to place new hive cells. Press a nearby hive cell to select it. Place eggs there with the 'lay egg' button. Press one of your own workers to select them. Choose their job from the buttons below them. Foragers gather pollen and bring it to empty hive cells. Nurses bring collected pollen to your larvae ( which then become pupae before finally birthing as new workers ), and builders eat honey and build new hive cells. Press 'attack' to toggle alarm pheromones in your workers. They will attack wasps, the nearest enemy bees, and player queens. Work In Progress The game is still in active development, bugs continue to be found and patched, and feedback on ways to improve the game is very welcome. Planned Features In-game tutorial Social logins and player accounts. Earn honey to unlock new bees and abilities. Sound & music Skeletal animation Where to Play Download the game through the Play Store, or on