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  1. Im not sure Im understanding, the position of it falling would just be equal to when its y value is the same as the mesh2? What do you mean thickness, with csg you can just put the object inside the other object and then cut it out. Are you trying to do this in realtime? The performance of csg is not really suited for that
  2. @MarianG how are your files setup? I believe its working for me. If you look at this playground: and reference vincers gltf from here it should be loading the ktx files if they exist and if not it falls back to the regular file.
  3. Try this: , I think you were missing setting the opacityTexture
  4. @oschakravarthi That sounds like an ok approach (however I havn't used nav meshes before) I would also use the objects bounding box instead of the raw object for csg.
  5. csg should work for this:
  6. 😂 Cool character. @PatrickRyan Would you know how you might achieve this?
  7. Yep, using a separate mesh as a body part in blender should work. One note is that picking only works for node animations, skinned animation picking will pick from the static position but if your characters are like in your image node animations should work fine. If the characters have complex geometry it is also recommended to use invisible hit boxes for the picking instead of the actual mesh to save on perf.
  8. Do you have a playground of this not working? You can find a working example here
  9. Yea, when entering VR the screen shows exactly what is presented to the HMD to avoid an additional render to display a custom view for the screen. When the new webXR spec is supported in browsers sometime next year it will automatically only show one eye. See the mirroring section here: . You could try showing a portion of the canvas when entering vr to workaround the issue for now if needed.
  10. You could try this PG: which hides the line when a mesh is behind the camera
  11. I would manual create a guided graph path through every room. When you need to animate to the next room animate the camera to the node of the graph in the current room and then animate across the graph to the desired room.
  12. @Wingnut My current progress is here: I have basic physics features working right now (Shapes, forces, etc) so this scene is good when using ammo (, whats left is collision events, parenting/joint types, gltf support and more testing/examples (eg. driving a car). I still have an issue I am trying to solve: but havn't figured it out yet. I may try to get a PR out soon and add additional requested features as desired. There is a lot of area to cover, I would like to support things shown here eventually:
  13. @Codelain this playground may also be of use to you:
  14. Yea, I'm currently investigating a couple physics issues, trying to make some more examples and trying to add ammoJS physics engine support to Babylon. I also came across another playground which has parenting which works for a car which you could take a look at
  15. Pinging @RaananW if he has any insight here.
  16. Sorry, I'm still not sure I follow. Is there a smaller example you can provide where lookAt does not behave as expected? Other than that from your code I see a lot of assigning quaternions without .clone() so potentially there is a value/reference bug?
  17. @codelain In your example you also want to move the objects which doesn't seem supported by this pg: . There is definitely some weird behavior when trying to do more complex interactions with physics and I am not yet sure how to resolve this type of collision but I am also investigating adding AmmoJS physics to Babylon (, through my investigation there I'll keep an eye out there to see if your scenario can be supported but for now this may be a limitation.
  18. @atallah salah Yea, for your use case, if parenting is only used to setup the scene only disabling parenting when needing to run physics sounds like a good solution.
  19. Could you share more about your use case? Why do you require parenting? Is this what you are trying to do?
  20. I'm not aware of this being built into the arcRotationCamera. You could use animations for this but personally I would manually move the position/rotation within an scene.onBeforeRenderFrame callback
  21. Sorry, I misunderstood. Parenting with physics has documented issues when the parent also has an impostor see This seems to a limitation with the current physics engines.
  22. Welcome @Neekoy. Do you have a playground of what you have so far? Here is a playground that has a glass sphere, is this what you are looking for?
  23. @Codelain You should try looking at . Parenting with physics can have some unexpected behavior sometimes so you might have to experiment with the settings to get it to work.
  24. I'm not sure what your goal is, are you trying to just rotate 90 degrees down and then 90 degrees left?