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  1. Yes! Get the Flappy Birds idea to create a flaap.io game, it's really fun.
  2. I did not make any income and I dropped it. It is a pity now that one person has come up with an idea and made it. You can see it here.https://www.freegames66.com/flaap-io
  3. I tried it with another person. Quite good.
  4. I was spending $ 1000 on my game and I failed. I stopped it.
  5. You can completely do it. You have to take hard work, HTML5 it is really gold mine until now.
  6. Congratulations. It has a lot of different game genres, so you have such knowledge. Great.
  7. Welcome to the html5gamedevs forum
  8. io just became a geek thing a few years ago, they're pretty expensive. But now it is quite cheap.
  9. DavisMoye


    This sounds nice. Looking forward to getting started.