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  1. It looks like your site just provides a collection of web games but with no organisation. If you want people to use your site you have to organise them into categories/tags and add social features so people can rank games and leave comments etc. This gives people multiple ways to find games on your site and make the site provide something useful to the user.
  2. Yes it could do blood splats. I have attached a screenshot, please note i've used a feature to force specific colours which isn't yet available. Will be included in the next update i'm hopping to release very soon. I personally would batch export however many variations you want, and then pack them into a sprite-sheet and load them randomly, this has several benefits over generating in game: 1. Performance will be much better as the sprites can be pre-loaded. 2. You can hand choose, or hand exclude the sprites you like/don't like. Procedural generation isn't perfect and depending on what your trying to generate you will either have to hand pick the good ones or sometimes just exclude the few bad ones. If your set on generating in-game then you can try the following open source library: Hopefully one day I will release the CryPixels code as an open source runtime where you can export your generation grid and settings from CryPixels and generate in-game however this won't be any time soon i'm afraid.
  3. How have you loaded the phaser library into your code? This shouldn't be an issue if you've imported the phaser library as a module into your main.js file.
  4. Best score I could get! Have rated and also added you to a collection on my home page.
  5. @mataguiris This looks great, unfortunately not on Android so can't download it. Glad your enjoying the software, will include a link to your game on the next devlog I do!
  6. Have you checked the refresh rate of the monitor? It might be 30hz, which will mean requestAnimationFrame is trying to hit 30fps and not 60fps. This shouldn't be a problem but looks like people are having issues. There is a thread here which highlights issues with pixi.js on 4k. Phaser uses pixi.js under the hood:
  7. Interesting idea! The next version is going to include an option to limit colour within a specific hue range. For example you might as well tell the software you want tree's to be green, no point outputting red ones! But the idea of setting exactly what colour a specified pixel position should be could be very useful. I think I assumed anyone wanting to do extra detailing would export the sprite and touch it up in their preferred pixel editor, but adding this feature would be very useful for previewing and also if your batch exporting. Cheers for the input! TomC
  8. Cheers @agg1401 @mataguiris really appreciate the support. Any features you would like to see, or if you run into any problems just give me a shout.
  9. Hello All, I posted about this a while back and it's now finished and released! CryPixels Procedural Pixel Art Generator Has a demo version available on Windows and Mac. The software is 100% written in HTML5/JavaScript and packaged using nw.js. Full details of the software can be found here: Feel free to request additional features, product is in active development. Regards, TomC.
  10. TomC

    @Mr F Playing from the UK, just general lag – very unresponsive from hitting button to movement happening etc. Not sure how I find out which server I was playing? Ref Linode, If your just renting a server off AWS then not a lot, I meant it more in terms of if your using service like cloud computing with auto scaling or 'elastic beanstalk' etc. You have to manage the resources yourself.
  11. TomC

    Love the game! Was unfortunately getting quite a lot of lag, using fast connection on Mac Pro with Chrome. Ref Linode, 100% recommend! I moved all my stuff from AWS to Linode and couldn't be happier, not to mention the money i'm saving. Just be wary Linode will probably require a bit more custom setup/maintenance and optimisation to get what your after.
  12. ^ No dramas, keep up the good work with the game.
  13. TomC

    Roto Blaster

    Looks and plays great! Keep up the good work.
  14. class Game extends Phaser.Game { constructor() { = { highscore: 25 }; } // Then access in state via;
  15. Just an update: Have powered on with development due to some time between jobs. On track to get both Mac and Windows released on itch this weekend. Some up-to date screenshots of how the software is looking, including the new 1-bit mode!
  16. #canvas:focus { outline: none; } replace #canvas with your canvas id.
  17. How are you getting the screen width/height? As far as the browser is concerned it already takes into account the pixel density. i.e. 2560px retina screen will act as if it was 1280px. If you want your game to support retina the easiest way is: set the phaser game size to double the required size and then use canvas.width and canvas.height to set it back to the original size.
  18. Of course, just happens that a ship/sword with mirrored x axis our good examples. Sea monster (sorta monster/dragon thing, i'm not an artist!) attached below with the grid used to generate it.
  19. You could try: Haven't personally used it, but currently free and has specific phaser support.
  20. Yes @Ian_ that would be the general way to go about it. There is always going to be some DOM manipulation required, and obviously you need to change the text, images etc. Just leave as much of it already rendered as possible and hide/show it as required.
  21. Hi Guys, I'm pretty new here so quick bio, i'm a full-time developer from the UK and currently working on some game software projects in my spare time. Im currently building a software package for procedurally generating pixel sprites. Just wanted to see what people think and how many would be interested in the end product. Might look into the idea of crowdfunding so I could work on it one/two days a week and get it finished and packaged on mac/windows and linux. I have attached some outputted sprites so you can see the results. There's tons of configuration options so I have just gone with what I think looks good as an example. TomC
  22. Nearly all html5 mobile wrappers support the DOM fine, even CocoonJS has WebView+ if you need to use the dom. It won't be too long until wrappers aren't needed and you can just use native web-views in ios/andorid anyway, and again the DOM is perfectly supported. As @Parasyte was saying, you just need to choose the right tool for the right job, and DOM UI's do not like to be moved around the screen performance wise. Also make sure you don't modify the DOM mid cycle, just pre create any DOM UI that isn't always in view and display: none; it with css until needed.
  23.'mover',[0,1,2,3],1000, true); Looks like your setting the speed of animation to 1000 frames per second. Could you try setting it to something lower like 10 or 30?
  24. Just whipped up a jsperf. On firefox declaring the object inside the loop is up-to 100% slower! However on chrome/safari declaring inside is actually quicker by a very small margin. If your going to be dealing with older browsers and mobile's I would stick to declaring outside and re-using, If not then I wouldn't worry either way.