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  1. For declaring a primitive value such as (bool , string, number) then the performance difference would be negligible. As the above posters have said, one way has a quicker lookup scope, the other doesn't have to re-declare and initialise the variable. However if the above example was any kind of object, i.e. var speed = [player.xSpeed, player.ySpeed] Then you would definitely declare this outside the update loop and reuse the object for performance.
  2. Had a friend who was using Animate for a WebGl project and found quite a few nasty bugs. Problem is although an improvement over past attempts, the javascript output is still pretty messy. So if you get a browser bug you'll need to know you native JS/WebGL anyway, plus it will be messy and inconsistent to read. And if you know those languages anyway you might as well just use a decent WebGL library like Babylon/Three.js in the first place. Looks like any other code/scene builder, will save you time initially, will cost you time trying to get something release ready. Just my two cents.