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  1. Thanks, but not what I'm looking for. Guess I was asking too much of work to be done on my behalf lol, especially now that I've done some more reading. What I am looking for can be done, but I am out of my domain. Seems like I will have to draw out some sketches and load em up into gimp. I thought there was a repository of 2d images that can be loaded up into a software and just placed randomly. Thing is I'm not sure I want a tiled controllable sprite. More like text-driven with occasional battle sequence, and pretty backgrounds that would in fact be areas, with npc and locations just icons.
  2. Hey, what's up? I am just starting with Phaser. I have background in PHP and jQuery, but I am no artist really. I am thinking of hiring a real artist if my proof of concept fares well among my friends, but for now, is there a simplistic tool that could get me started with drawing maps. I am thinking of just putting up state that draws the current town-map, and the player can click on buildings to enter them (shops, home/base, and houses with NPCs). Maybe something like drag and drop sprites like mountains and trees? Thanks for help. I am loving Phaser. To be honest, making games seems much simpler than I first thought it would be. I was starting to download Unreal Engine and Blender and whatnot. Pfft. Phaser is pretty cool.