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  1. Thanks for telling me everybody moved. I would have been a shock to return to the old campsite and discover a cold fire pit and a note. I enjoyed reading the latests posts. Ya'll are really crazy. I forgot.
  2. Gentlemen and ssaket, I apologize for the slow response. I will try to remedy it with a short summary of what I do. The biggest factor for Illuminated City is that I don't need a continuous map. The subject is always a bracketed geography. Another factor is that the Lat/Lon must be precise, down to 20 meters or so. I overlay police districts and crime incidents. They need to line up. To do this, I create the biggest, fattest tile the browser will handle. 8K pixels squared roughly. That's all the map is, a fat image. (There are potential future enhancements including multiple
  3. Well that is a remarkable piece of puzzlement that nearly broke my brain just before bedtime. So you like made a custom shader with a bit of C code? I have never looked at that pond, much less swam in it.
  4. Your Wingnut has now returned to an age-appropriate profile.
  5. Wingnut thanks for caring (heart heart heart). (I am working on being more emotive.) This must have emerged with the new release. It also appears in the playground of record, https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#PL752W#1 Some sandpaper outa do it. Back soon.
  6. Hello coders and countrymen, I have continued the labor with Illuminated City in ways that are not nearly geeky enough for this forum. I have, for example, spent hours with crime analysts for San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. (You know, stay close to the target user.) One request was the ability to take crime data from multiple geo-adjacent cities and put it onto one display. Oddly enough, crime does not stop at administrative boundaries. And cities are utterly incompetent at unifying data-anything. Did that. Another request, only partially complete, is to be able to obse
  7. Dang dude! You stuck it through. Slings, arrows and coral reefs. Impressive.
  8. I see no error right now. The Illuminated City certificate is valid and has not been changed for more than a week. It is provided my GoDaddy and the site is hosted by Amazon. HOWEVER. I get that error intermittently on all kinds of sites, myverizon.com, facebook.com, nytimes.com. For the past six months, it would appear, rarely and briefly, and then disappear. I assumed it had something to do with my crappy ISP or Russian hackers. (NY Times had a DNS attack that lasted 18 hours.)
  9. Does anyone have a subjective / objective sense of whether people use MeshWriter? I see visits to Wingnut's demo pages (they load my hosted version) but that's all I got. Mostly curious, I guess.
  10. Jerome, I see that. I will watch with anticipation. Good luck!!
  11. @JCPalmer The '.buffer' approach you show in your example with WebGL looks the same as the one for WeAssembly, per my example further above. I think there is a good chance that we can have one buffer with minimal recopying. Says Pollyanna.
  12. Jerome, if I am belaboring the obvious, sorry. I only have one copy of the data structures. It is shared between WebAssembly and Javascript. If you look at the code (from my August 3 post above) you will see that I create the array as WebAssembly memory. Then I create a view into that memory. Javascript or WebAssembly both may address the array at that point. As far as JavaScript is concerned, it is just a typed array. This array is sized/created early in the session and tends to persist for quite a while. In fact, sometimes I clear the array and start over; as opposed to allocatin
  13. brianzinn, not sure I understand why that would be. (I am not doubting it, though. And please don't explain it to me.) I ran into a problem where I had to choose between WebAssembly and Web Workers unless I was willing to do large array copying. They both have data sharing for large vectors but they wouldn't work together. I chose to use WebAssembly and skip Web Workers for now. Life on the bleeding edge . . .
  14. Jerome, delighted to read your report. This FYI: I had done some profiling of Illuminated City and determined that speeding 'VertexData.ComputeNormals' would be a win for my application. It is a good candidate in other ways, being about 200 lines of vector arithmetic (with two calls to Math.sqrt). I had considered rewriting it in native WASM but quickly realized that I did not understand application well enough. Also, there were a bunch of boundary issues: it deals with multiple arrays that - I think - were not typed. Converting typed <--> untyped is gonna add a lot of ove
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