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  1. Updates: More glyphs, including some non-English letters (e.g. ñ). meshwriter.min.js size is below 100K. I will try to keep it there but we will see. In review, fonts are: ~ Helvetica: Default, efficient and most glyphs. Use this one ~ HirukoPro: 'cause I use it ~ Comic: just a couple letters right now ~ Jura: I like it for numbers
  2. Can we pin that GIF to the top of this board or something? It is sortof a community thing. If most people start using it, others will too.
  3. I think you and I have pegged the needle on opposite sides of the creativity scale. I might steal. Illuminated Cities are a rectangle floating on sky-texture. Everything goes on the rectangle for now . . . except when I did this, ( I rotated the date numbers for y'all to see them. For me, a radical departure. It then occurred the me that the "low wall" around the city rectangle could hold useful information. I don't think I will try a circle but I am keeping it in mind. In other news, Helvetica does not yet support single and double quote but I will add them.
  4. The data is actually official city data -- many cities offer is as part of an open data trend. We work with San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston. This only looks at where and when. There are absolutely other correlations to be made. For example, February is always the lowest crime month in Chicago, by a consistent percentage. I don't look at stadium events, national holidays or anything else. I can see many other trends when I am fiddling around. For example, theft from auto is geographically concentrated but auto theft is not. Violent (assault) has strong place and time patterns. Burglary also has patterns but less pronounced.
  5. After months of painful number-crunching, I have built a demo of something that shows the trend associated with crimes. There is a theory that some crime-types have micro-geographic behavior -- and staying on top of those trends can help target police patrols. This is a rendering of burglaries in part of San Francisco for about a year. Red is rising, green is falling, blue is neither. The elevation indicates the frequency of burglaries with some geographic weighting. The video clip is running at 3X so the visualization is rendering pretty fast. I cannot do a whole city at once.
  6. I was struggling with how to provide camera views optimal to people interested in different parts of the city. A lot of times responsibility is parceled out with a bit of geography, e.g. a police district. Wingnut gave me a clue having to do with changing the target of the arc-rotate camera. I like the results. Check it out.
  7. Thank you for the helpful comments. I went with MeshWriter; this was partially influenced by your constant use of "mesh" in the name -- which is appropriate. 'text' means too many other things in the context, most of them not similar to this. 'glyph' is more on-point but is intimidating and hard-to-spell. BTW, TextMesh sounds like TexMex when you are quite drunk.
  8. Train? I was thinking of maybe a segmented worm having convulsions. (Or maybe a clump of balloons with excessively high static charge.) You gotta admit the basic framework is some creepy alien planet. I am going with the worm . . . This week, I should figure out how to create documentation for MeshWriter (the final name). I may want to tap you for a simple sweet playground showing a conceivably useful application. (My only application, until yesterday was labeling pieces of real-estate.)
  9. Holeee Sheeeit! May I suggest you switch from type.min.js to meshwriter.min.js? This is the newer version and, as promised, each individual letter origin is the calculated letter-center.
  10. Wingnut, I do humor on Internet (because I cannot resist) but I miss a *lot*. Or that is what I suspect. Hard to know for sure. It's a tough medium for humor and, separately, for humorists. There are not many cues going either direction.
  11. Ha ha haha!!! Well, I do step away from the computer from time to time. I just finished a hike in the hills (you would call them mountains). Stand by for possible rejoinders after dinner. Or maybe tomorrow after coffee . . .
  12. Deltakosh, I am up for that. What is the next step? I don't seem to have authorization to make a branch or push on the Extensions repo. See my note.
  13. This is why nobody wants to ask for customer input. 😎 Moving right along . . . I am speechless.
  14. Wingnut and Jerome, plus any others: Survey question on Babylon Text. Right now each letter mesh is relative to the "origin" as defined by the font. See the red star. Actually, it is relative to the "origin" of the first letter in the string. So I am thinking of changing it so that each letter mesh is relative to its own origin. The text string will not appear any different but people like Wingnut who wish to do special effects may find the meshes easier to manipulate. The only other sensible option to consider is to define the mesh relative to the "center" of the letter. This will take a bit longer and is not "text-like", although it might be similar to other particle types. For example, the vertical origin will bounce up and down as a function of the height of the individual letters. I am OK with either approach but do not plan on doing this twice. Again, the generated string will look and behave the same as it does today.
  15. Thank you. "Baking" was the best approach for me. Glad I asked.
  16. Thank you both. Please standby.
  17. When I create a hexagonal prism for SPS, it does not seem to recognize the rotation. I have been rotating the particles en masse after creation, but I gotta believe I am just doing it wrong. The "shapes" have no color. The particles are colored. To save memory, I must have "updatable" set to false. This makes my work-around harder. Advice requested.
  18. This code will never change 'this._updatable' to false: if (options && options.updatable) { this._updatable = options.updatable; Line 162 in Particles/babylon.solidParticleSystem.ts
  19. It seems like we have enough symbols done in Helvetica to issue a PR for Babylon Type (as I am calling it). I probably need some coaching on conventions and maybe some mojo to issue a PR. I was gonna create a branch and put it in a separate subdirectory of, called 'Type'. It was just going to be README and JavaScript. Similar repository at: The plan is to support Helvetica (aka Arial) initially. Next, a Comic font. After that, I disappear mysteriously. (kidding!!)
  20. Yeah, that playground was more for you. The Type API doesn't take functions as parameters. I recommend taking the five changed lines out of THIS playground and proceeding forward: My first language without line numbers (lookin' at you Fortran) was Pascal. Functions/Procedures should remain firmly blocked on the left side of the code and should run only when spoken to. The approach of sprinkling functions willy-nilly in JavaScript struck me as unnecessary and confusing. [My son called JavaScript the language of the devil.] Then I started doing Facebook interfaces and gradually applied these things and became enamored with the power in them. Anyway, this is really just a side conversation, driven by my use of jQuery to load an outside module (Babylon Type) after everything else is loaded. Presumably we will find a better way.
  21. Wow, those really . . . . dangle. I am not even sure how you did that. I will check it out. So I put an adjustment in your code so it loads thickness first time. Please note changes at lines 17 to 22. That's it. (I also encourage you to review the playground I sent to you on PM a couple days ago. I wrote commentary in that just 4U. There are several ways to do this - although they are effectively the same thing. Writing code that makes functions on the fly can actually speed some kinds of processing a lot. Better yet, it drives server guys, especially Java server guys, nuts.)
  22. I like it! What I wish is that the vertical axis would rotate when the camera does so it always looks like it is pendulous. (ar) Remember, getLetterCenter is relative to the anchor of the string. So if your playground sets anchor/center (as it does) the x value of 'B' will be close to zero. If you leave default (left), it will be a positive number; if you use anchor/right it will be negative. 1) was the clear before now? 2) is that the correct behavior? I went with two dimensions because this is kindof a hack and that was the only thing I could deliver fast. I figure a more proper solution will leverage SPS particle positioning somehow. I presume this could conceivably be done with letter symbols:
  23. @Wingnut just checking to see if you tried getLetterCenter. If it needs explanation or -er- fixing, please let me know. I will leave the ball in your court on this for now.