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  1. Sounds great, I'll upgrade this weekend when I get a second. Would you have any tips on using multiple sprites to construct a player, for instance weapons, armor and animating them? Sorry for slightly derailing the thread.
  2. Looks good! I do have a quick question in regards to the following My problem is in this thread and the answer mentions this, would that have been the problem as to why it was constantly spinning on the spot and such? Great release, thank you for your hard work
  3. Interesting, my UI will be fine then in the DOM as it's static other than some css animations.With pre creating the DOM, my idea would be once the game loads, it would create a template then when they open the quest dialog and click a quest it fills in the quest info into the template, does that make sense? For example you may have 2 divs side by side, one that lists current quests, the right side would contain information from whichever quest is clicked Open Questbook Click Quest on the left panel Performs a request to the server to get the quest Pushes this informa
  4. Good to know, thanks
  5. Thank you very much, would you say the same about in game content such as a Quest Log, Health Bars on enemies, Inventory etc?
  6. Hey everyone, I see various games using the DOM for certain elements, I was wondering about peoples experience on this, I have a pretty complex HUD designed and feel it would be much easier to maintain and manage in the DOM and use events from the game to update the HUD. Would you suggest using the DOM or MelonJS? Advantages/downsides would be appreciated.
  7. Sort of works, the angle is indeed now correct, however it doesn't move to it's destination, I think I messed something up, I have updated the code below. game.Spell = me.Entity.extend({}); game.Spell.Icebeam = game.Spell.extend({ /** * constructor */ init: function (x, y, settings) { settings = settings || { image: 'short-ray', height: 86, width: 16 }; // call the constructor this._super(me.Entity, 'init', [x, y, settings]); this.alwaysUpdate = true; this.body.collisionType
  8. Hi there, I am looking into how projectiles can be fired, my intention is to try and fire in the direction that the cursor is at ( me.input.pointer.pos ). My first idea was to try and work out if the cursor needs to move in a positive or negative direction, I added `mainPlayer` to the pool, so somehow if I can get the position of them then I can work out which way to shoot in regards to right or left, but I'm not sure how to access the `mainPlayer`. How would you go about solving this problem? My Entities are below so you can see how they currently react /** *
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