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  1. Thanks for the fast reply. Sadly, it didn't make a difference at all. The graphics element is still not interactive, no matter where I assign the "interactive" property EDIT: I also discovered that none of the events works for any Pixi element regardless which it is. It worked flawlessly earlier, but all of suddenly it doesn't anymore.
  2. I'm totally in love with Pixi and have been for a while, but I'm running into an issue. So everything gets drawn correctly as it should. Now the issue is when I have to add interactivity to the actual Graphics element. Defining an any properties to the class such as "interactive" or "buttonMode" doesn't get applied to the actual Graphics element. Adding them after calling the super() method doesn't change anything either. I've created a gist including the files used for this exactly: https://gist.github.com/marcus-sa/3ec603f8f9c5d4bb6b0df514a4546c07
  3. I fixed it. Had something to do with the height and width of the renderer. options.container.offsetWidth options.container.offsetHeight and this.config.container.offsetWidth this.config.container.offsetHeight was what made the renderer not show anything at all, so I switched them out with what I had before which was window.innerWidth window.innerHeight
  4. @ivan.popelyshev do you have the opportunity to use TeamViewer? Because that'll be a lot more efficient than me having to set it all up on a server first. If you've got Discord mine is Sentinel#2435
  5. Yeah I've seen you mentioning it a couple of times, but for now in this prototype the camera does its purpose. I'll reply back to the thread when I can give you a webpage to debug.
  6. Uhh I'll see what I can do here, because it's implemented into a CMS I've written, so I would first have to set it up on Heroku and get a remote control MySQL server then.
  7. So basically I have a big project ongoing. Instead of having nested constructors that passed down all the game data such as renderer, resources and so on, I decided in my Game.js file to make it static and then require that in every other file and directly get the required data through there. It is quite a big project, so I am not going to include files, instead I'll be linking to my git repository. The issue is that nothing gets rendered on the screen and no errors are shown at all. I've tried 2 different browsers aswell. I've tried with both the CanvasRenderer and WebGLRendere
  8. Sentinel

    2D Camera

    Got it working from the projection example. Thanks a lot for the spoonfeeding
  9. Sentinel

    2D Camera

    Found what I was looking for. Is there any way I can implement a mouse drag event? So the camera follows the cursor position while dragging, and doesn't when drag has ended.
  10. Sentinel

    2D Camera

    I've taken a look at pixi-viewport and I really like it except for the ease drag part and the fact that it can't return a PIXI.DisplayObject that I can add myself to the stage and render it. t So I have a Pixi.Container I want the camera to move around instead of it inheriting the render and using its own render loop. Basically I want the same result as the Phaser.io Camera Maybe the documentation is just confusing me, but I can't seem to get it to work like I want. Is there any other way to do this? Because I want to have a GUI overlay.
  11. I don't know if https://deepstream.io is usuable for you, but that does support multi region with correspondingly real time database management. There's something like https://www.pubnub.com or https://webrtc.org I mean usually big multiplayer games like League of Legends, CSGO, COD etc. has different servers for different regions.
  12. Sentinel

    Pixi and React

    There is a NPM package for combining React and Pixi https://npmjs.com/react-pixi
  13. I hope you're not doing HTTP requests. I definitely recommend coding a TCP server or simply use something like socket.io
  14. This is strictly for educational purposes only Since Flash is pretty much being deprecated in most browsers so is Habbo. Since there's retro versions, most of Habbo's assets are available on the internet. I've been using Pixi for now to create a 2D loading screen, which I did successfully. Then it occurred to me that Pixi is mostly just a renderer, and doesn't support 3D the same way as Three or Babylon does. Problem is that, I found coding of 2D UI elements in both Three and Babylon really difficult compared to Pixi. In Habbo it's really minimal what i
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