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  1. That's right, React. Not from scratch though - you would be subcontracting through an establish Game development and design company and using framework already established. We would provide the GDD, art and animation and content. A producer will help smooth out the process with the end client. You would have to work closely (jump on a few call a week) with the client and us. Hours outside of that are flexible. 40 hours a week... would need to start ASAP and it would wrap up around Mid-April. Rates negotiable. English native speaker and fan of literature is a plus.
  2. Our Upstate New York studio is open to contracts for small to large HTML5 games. We work in small modular teams to keep costs down and maintain our indie creativity and feel. We work primarily in Haxe for desktop and mobile browser games, but also do a lot of Apps (often HTML5 via Cordova). We have experience with CocoonJS, Unity, Springroll, and more. We have several developers, artists, as well as audio and QA-testing capabilities. We will also be looking to hire as we grow. Feel free to send over your resumes/portfolios.