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  1. There's a new cloud file hosting site where you can upload your assets and obtain the url, fun fact it's completely free, it uses cdn.com url https://glitch.com/
  2. Hello there! I been trying to load my gltf model from it's raw data source, is there anything i might be doing wrong here, the model shows in the sandbox though https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1AbIIF#8
  3. i have been trying to remote debug on the device but it seems not to be working...it's a newer version of android maybe the webgl functionality is not well implemented...but i'll continue trying to find a way to debug. it works very well on other android devices tho
  4. I did exactly that. so i tried on different devices. samsung seems to give me what i needed, but went completely dark on lg
  5. I tried babylonjs playground on some android devices like huawei and lg, but the mesh is being rendered black. i don't think it's a lighting problem
  6. Yeahh sounds good!! though school has resumed already, i'll try to squeeze this into my schedule
  7. set the spectacular material to new BABYLON.Color3.Black(), i ran into the same issue and this solved the problem for me
  8. This will be fun🙂!! I want to participate! What kind of game are we making? Any conclusion yet?
  9. my game seems incredibly slow on mobile devices compared to pc where i get between 50 - 60 Fps. I have like 15Fps maximum on android device and 18Fps if lucky. I know i should post some codes right but trust me it's a long list of code to post.. so are there any hidden optimisation tips specifically for mobile that i should know NB: i'v tried LOD, Occlusion query, octree
  10. The occlusion query seems to be broken http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#QDAZ80#3
  11. what about this, do you think it helps? press spacebar to move the model mesh. also rotate around to move in the direction you want https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#11BH6Z#363
  12. Hy gangs!! I've been trying to create a flashlight / torchlight demo. I used projectionTexture, but it can only reflect the texturemap on the ground, it's static, i want the flashlight to move with the camera pointing in the z-direction. here's what i've done so far https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#CQNGRK#3
  13. Coool!! i don't need to play pool outside again now that there's a pool inside
  14. ohh i get it now...the animation looks kinda deformed too http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1NSCXV#9
  15. I tried with a different gltf model, it's still the same I used blender to export
  16. Hy there!! I tried to clone my gltf model and the skeleton and animate the models seperately at different intervals but it seems that the animation of other skeleton is dependent on the parent model. You'll see that i increased the animaton speed for the clones but it's not reflecting http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1NSCXV#7 @Deltakosh
  17. I've seen a post asking the same question before but unfortunately i can't locate it again. I'm trying to achieve something like this, particle trail following the player
  18. @ozRocker haha! I can relate to the frustrating part
  19. I tried the steps you said but it didn't work.. how did you do it? :)
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