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    waverider got a reaction from NasimiAsl in Best way to use playground with external ressources   
    There's a new cloud file hosting site where you can upload your assets and obtain the url, fun fact it's completely free, it uses cdn.com url
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    waverider reacted to brianzinn in Load gltf from data file error   
    try like this
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    waverider reacted to FunFetched in Shell Shockers   
    Update: I'm using the full-on Babylon Null Engine on the server-side now to handle collision detection. The maps are divided into 3D grids, and every occupied cell contains a reference to an arrangement of one or more AABB or OBB bounding boxes for quick collision calculations, all loaded from a .babylon file exported from Blender. The game supports all sorts of map elements of all shapes now.
    Also, kudos to everyone who worked on Babylon v3.3. I'm making the transition now, and I'm seeing huge improvements in some key areas. A number of animation problems have disappeared. SPS mesh building is orders of magnitude faster than it was, which is great, because that's how I build the maps at run time. A number of other smaller items that I had clumsily patched up myself no longer need to be. Good stuff!
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    waverider reacted to JohnK in Wikipedia   
    EDIT 17 Nov 2018 On hold again as it was put on by a banned user.
    EDIt 1 Dec 2018 Back on line again - hope it holds this time
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    waverider got a reaction from Deltakosh in mesh rendered black on android models   
    i have been trying to remote debug on the device but it seems not to be working...it's a newer version of android maybe the webgl functionality is not well implemented...but i'll continue trying to find a way to debug. it works very well on other android devices tho
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    waverider reacted to Deltakosh in mesh rendered black on android models   
    This is tough to help without some console output or more info
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    waverider reacted to brianzinn in mesh rendered black on android models   
    That bottom one looks like a lot of screen glare!  So, the top picture is Samsung with the desired rendering and the bottom picture is an LG tablet?
    Samsung worked with no changes, while changing highPrecisionShaderSupported had no effect on LG?
    I'm just asking to get more info for the next person, but actually I am completely unable to help here, sorry! Good luck
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    waverider reacted to brianzinn in mesh rendered black on android models   
    There is a similar thread here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/39644-materials-black-on-lenovo-pad/?tab=comments#comment-226193 
    If this does work, please send us the output of engine.getGlInfo()
    engine.getCaps().highPrecisionShaderSupported = false;  
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    waverider got a reaction from Pryme8 in Friendly competition - Retro Remake Challenge!   
    Yeahh sounds good!! though school has resumed already, i'll try to squeeze this into my schedule
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    waverider reacted to Pryme8 in Friendly competition - Retro Remake Challenge!   
    I love it, and nice logo!

    So I figured if we have 3 people ready should we start everything next week?

    What it will consist of from the start date will be a 30 day development sprint to see what you can make in accordance to what was discussed above.

    Thinks like originality, documentation, and execution will be taking into consideration.  A complete product is not needed for the entry, but something close to workable is encouraged.

    @QuintusHegie, @DylanD, @waverider, @babbleon

    Yall ready?  Does Wednesday of this week sound like a good launch date?
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    waverider reacted to Pryme8 in Friendly competition - Retro Remake Challenge!   
    I think the consensus is remake of a retro game.
    so we got two takers cool, if we can get one more then we got something.  Maybe try to start it on the 15th of this month and run it for 30 days?
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    waverider got a reaction from TomaszFurca in Slavs - slavian rpg game   
    i love this!
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    waverider reacted to Dad72 in Occlusion query not working   
    It works for me
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    waverider reacted to aWeirdo in Occlusion query not working   
    Seems to be a bug in 3.3 alpha;

    It looks like the code is being moved or something?
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    waverider reacted to ozRocker in Motion-capture demo (Fortnite dance move)   
    Here's a video I made that shows the process of using mocap data in a 3D web-page.
    Basically I did this:
    Used Perception Neuron suit to mocap dance move 3D scanned in my mate Used Blender to create avatar from scan and apply mocap dance Used CLO3D to add clothing Published on web using Babylon.js The live demo is at https://punkoffice.com/hype
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    waverider reacted to TomaszFurca in Slavs - slavian rpg game   
    We had small opportunities to open alpha test, but we prepared a lot of stuff last time:
    Game website: http://slavsgame.com - it is not ready yet, because we need to write full scenario and create bestiary. Access to play is closed, but in this week I unlock that, so feel free to create your account!
    In game I made some performance improvements, also fixed the animations, we change the default babylon JS loader (don't afraid i will add to site BJS logo and description with link to framework) and a lot of small features and bugfixes.
    https://streamable.com/wltry - currently state preview - this will be available in  alpha test. I will prepare 3 version (normal, mobile and debug), because I want to collect some feedback from users. I think about perfomance, what do you change in game etc. I describe it more soon. 
    Tom Furca
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    waverider got a reaction from heyzxz in PCOL: billiards game made with babylonjs   
    i don't need to play pool outside again now that there's a pool inside
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    waverider reacted to MackeyK24 in Demo with Ammo.js Physics Engine   
    I been messin around with PlayCanvas to see what the other guys are doing... And man o man ... there Ammo.js implementation is KILLING our Cannon.js
    Way faster, especially on mobile... much better heightmap and terrain imposters
    cant tell how they do collision groups l. But that type of collision filtering has gotta be support in bullet physics... got to
    i dont have the time to go figure out the whole time step and synchronize thing the cannon plugin does. With all the stuff I am trying to get the toolkit production ready.
    again was hoping that would be a priority the community would be working on seeing how your physics engine does everything for you ... You NEED it for ANY type of presice movement with collision and collision detection and really ray casting ... I think a good C++ port of bullet ray cast will perform a bit better the Pick With Ray... especially when you Have to have mutiple rays casting from multiple characters in the scene. I’m just guessing... 
    but PlayCanvas says they are achieving 1.5 x native speed ... that’s near full native performance
    we should be working on this... for real 😳 
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    waverider reacted to Pryme8 in flashlight/torchlight effect   
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    waverider reacted to heyzxz in PCOL: billiards game made with babylonjs   
    Hi Everyone,
    I recently launched a preview version of my game made with BJS, and you can try it here.
    It's a 3d  billiards game, but currently only Snooker available in this preview version. 
    Hope you'll like it, and have fun. 
    It currently supports these browsers on desktop: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge.
    (To BJS team: I have added a "powered by babylon.js" in the 'about' page of the game, please let me know if it is allowed to use your logo, and if I have used the right logo, since I just grabbed it from your home page, and converted to png.)

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    waverider reacted to Dad72 in Complete TerrainEditor & LevelEditor for Babylon.js   
    The Babylon field editor has gone into version 2.0 and is more stable. Many corrections, optimizations and improvements have been made. The interface has also undergone some small modifications with some patches.
    What you can do with the TerrainEditor :
    Create a new terrain with 5 sizes to choose from or load a recording. Rename or copy a loaded terrain or delete one. Create mountains or dig lakes, rivers. Smooth the terrain to soften your mountains or rivers. Raise trays rather than mountains. Paint up to 8 different diffuse textures for maximum terrain customization. (Thanks @Luaacro for the mixMaterial) Create ramps on the highlands or mountains to access your characters. Create holes in the ground to enter the basement, cellar / cellar ... Export the land in babylon format with all the textures used. An example file and html test is exported with. Export file meshes separate added in the terrain. Import and add meshes in the terrain Edit meshes with Inspector of properties Add water areas in the scene Add collision boxs in the terrain Add sound and music areas in the terrain Add portals in the terrain Each tool can be controlled to have more or less radius of your brush. You can choose the type of brush to have different shapes to paint textures.
    The brush is visible by a red allo on the floor following your mouse. Its radius defines what the brush will paint with precision.
    For texture paints, you can control the hardness and scale in addition to the radius of the brush. When raising mountains, you can control the maximum height limit of your mountains or the minimum limit if you dig.
    A grid allows you to see the sea level and is set to coordinate 0,0,0. This is useful when digging your rivers and lakes.
    You can save your work at any time and resume it on another day. When your field seems finished, you can export it for use in any project using the Babylon engine. Just take the hardware code of the export of the html file.
    I do not think that a publisher's documentation is necessary, but if you think you need it, leave me a message and I'll do one. But I think the editor is very easy to use.
    I hope this comprehensive field editor will help you. Do not hesitate to tell me if you have problems and tell me what you think, the improvements to make ...
    The publisher is open-source. You can download it on this repository The editor integrates a mini server to start it:
    Some screenshots:

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    waverider reacted to Deltakosh in cloning gltf model+skeleton bug?[solved]   
    Well you have to do the clone for every skeleton:
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    waverider reacted to Deltakosh in cloning gltf model+skeleton bug?[solved]   
    But I highly recommend that you create an unique mesh with an unique skeleton to make it easier to use
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    waverider reacted to Deltakosh in cloning gltf model+skeleton bug?[solved]   
    No I did not mean that your mesh is wrong. I just meant that rabbit should not be newMeshes[0] but probably newMeshes[1]
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    waverider reacted to Deltakosh in cloning gltf model+skeleton bug?[solved]   
    Ok did some testings:
    Your scene is composed of several meshes (and not a single one). All with skeletons
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