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  1. KobGames studios is looking for a skilled User Interface Designer to work in the area of Hyper-Casual mobile games. The designer will be responsible for creating visually compelling and user friendly interfaces for our games. We are looking for someone who: Has proven experience with UI/UX Can create wireframes and style guides to prototype and previsualize designs Good sense of composition Can create appealing icons for interfaces Create animations/tweens for UI Can work with reference visuals Likes to do UI Bonus but Not Essential: Expe
  2. Agree, but when you dont have any resources beside your skills and time, it is rather hard to make a proper and specific business plan with game market is so overcrowded and main problem is not to make a game, but to make your game be noticed. You can spend half a year making game for Steam and make zero sales, but if you can make a game per month, then you get feedback from the market faster and you learn faster, and you can find your niche faster. At least that what we where thinking May be im wrong tho, dont have big sales to back this theory so far
  3. But on the other hand, there will always be demand for good games
  4. We just have started (have 2 games, third in production, but no sales so far) so, we are just guessing/experimenting at this point, i think. Third game is based a bit on previous feedback, but it is really hard to find some meaningful info for newcomers like us.
  5. So you, being for a while in this market, when you think what game to do next, you just guess from your previous experience, or you just know from sponsors what they want?
  6. Ha-ha... yeah we had some debate about it
  7. Hey guys, we've made our second HTML5 game. The game itself is written in Phaser. It's a simplified match-3 game (tile popper) with 10 levels and the endless mode. Each level has 3-star rating and it's own unique challenge. Unlocking a challenge gives you an achievement. The endless mode is a beat-the-highscore type of level. We're looking for a sponsor that might be interested in licensing it. You can check it out here: http://overhype.com/games/pop_soap/
  8. Thanks! May be you can share some experience, where can we go from here, may be there are sponsors, that require such type of cute, "childish" games? we realize that this is small scope game, but you have to start somewhere
  9. Hey guys, we've made our first HTML5 game. It is cute looking time killer game where you need to fill people's houses with Holiday Cheer. We're trying to get into the market so any insight is greatly appreciated. May be you can point to some sponsors, that are interested in this type of content. Feel free to play our game and give your feedback. Update We have ported out game to Phaser! Here is the new link: Check out the game
  10. usually 10-15usd, but much more often it is just negotiated per project cost
  11. as an artist, i can say, that art cost depends on style and amount of work (sprites, tiles anims etc)
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