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  1. Does this trick ca be paired with Like this?
  2. SatriaAI

    How This Will work?

    Sorry, i've found what i've need. It just very2 simple code that i wold never mind before.
  3. Are this post isn't any help to you? because group are collection from many sprite you can't use the body like for sprite. You must use it with setAll() try this it give me no errors . Try it
  4. SatriaAI

    How This Will work?

    I think I will use time loop event and some rndX but i confused how to implement it to my code. I want the rock sticky on the platform so i use phaser arcade mode I want to make it but have no idea. Can anyone help me? Any help will be appreciate
  5. sorry at the beginning i confused where i must put my code as callback or as main function. But in kind of your help
  6. I think that will not solve the problem because you place the function as part not as callback. The end, that i found if you will use it for callback you must place it outside of part Phaser.Game I think phaser just have preload, create, update, and render as main part build in. like this it solve my problem use Phaser 2.9.4 or newest. I appreciate all of you help guys. Its fun when you work with community
  7. I've checked its semicolon, and variable that should be. But if i remove the collectStar() from callback and i touch the star its cause the errors. Else if i put the collectStar() callback in the console say Uncaught else if i use the the console say this, where's my wrong? its cause me so confused
  8. I've follow the example in but my star didn't appear. Does in my codes have mystake? Can you help me find the problem? Thaanks This my Code... main.js