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  1. JC- Thanks. The blend file you have in repo is apparently no longer compatible with Blender @ 2.79. It's possible the internal data storage schema has changed for cameras enough to confuse the exporter.
  2. Using latest blender 2.79 and latest exporter from Babylon team: Camera and a cube animated 1-990 frames. On export, two things wrong occur: cube position array is cloned to camera, ensuring camera playback is dead center of cube once returned to blender, all /most keyframes sometimes deleted. As a diagnostic task, I removed the box to only export the camera, which resulted in the camera keyframes being deleted and no file exported at all, resulting in a large diagostic failure log. It appears the exporter deletes the camera and keyframes during export, then attempts to export empty data ( list out of range ) For files see :
  3. The current blender-to-Babylon exporter has serious issues with camera keyframes: so kind of looking for solutions - parenting is my next trial.
  4. New to babylon, learning using Blender 2.79 to babylon 3. Using the glTF 2 export / import workflows from blender to Babylon does not load in Cameras or their animations, instead the importer(glTF 2 loader ) creates a mesh for the camera data with animation. I thought, to overcome the limitation, to determine a method to extract the animations and hopefully "clone" them to the camera, but I am hoping someone has had some experience with this and may share the optimal method to do so.