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  1. correct it shouldnt be necesary. Still my advice remain the same. Move away from asp.net and switch everything you were planning to core. Its already stable
  2. as the guy on top said. I wouldnt create an asp.net application. Node.js and socket io are a good option. If you indeed wanna use asp.net. Go for an asp.net core api with entity framework core connecting to sql server. Create website entirely with html css and javascript( pick a framework of your liking + bootstrap) and consume the api using json. If you still wanna use sockets. you can certainly do sockets with .net and javascript. PS: talking as asp.net core/angular developer by trade.
  3. ├Żeah i tried velocity and it didnt work. neither poisition( pretty sure its because I am working with the player class not actually with the sprite that game.add.sprite() returns) but I am confused on how this should be done using es6
  4. guess thats it why nobody is voting...
  5. Hey guys, so probably I am doing tons of things wrong, but i cant get to move my characters( with the physics enabled) . if i change the position for the sprite of course it works. but doing it by velocity it doesnt. Those someone mind checking my code? Particularly the play state in src/states/play.js and the player sprite in src/sprites/player.js https://github.com/Raagh/a-game-needs-no-name to run the game do npm install npm run web Thanks. I will post here if i do some progress.
  6. 60 views not a single vote. Thanks a lot guys.
  7. thats right if you use intellisense you should get authomatically the intellisense for phaser directly from the phaser typescript definitions. That is not the case if you use a javascript unfortunatly. So my extension is mainly for those people(me included). PS: I am talking about intellsense of phaser not of typescript.( phaser method definitions, autocomplete, tooltips, etc). And yes there are tons of extension for vscode and you should use them. I recommend chrome debugger for vscode, html css formatter, vs icons, one dark pro theme. I have a million others but they re not related to game development( angular and react snippets, python support, node run, etc)
  8. That is basically it guys. Which is your preferred language for phaser. If its other I don't know please write a comment.
  9. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to release vscode extension( you should use a lot of them ) for phaser intellisense .
  10. Hey guys so a basic question. I am starting a new project. Should I use phaser 2 or phaser 3? Since there are some major changes coming with phaser 3 its gonna be hard to update the source code once its developed so this is probably a final decision. what do you guys recommend? build it with Phaser CE 2.9.3 or with latest beta. PS: this will also be my first project with phaser. Thanks