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  1. Hi Wingnut, thank you for this already very helpful response! It's still early phase in the project I'm attempting and right now I'm trying to figure out what general options are on the table. "Do you want that sphere/texture to be zoom-able, and have varying levels-of-detail (lod), depending upon viewing distances?" -> yes "Do you want it to have layers/layer filters (choose to show ONLY roads or show ONLY buildings, etc)?" -> maybe not, I guess it could be figured what layers are shown at a specific zoom (like only borders if far away, but also roads etc
  2. Hi everyone, I did find quite some threads which discuss this topic in one way or another but none of them really helped me understanding what I don't understand yet I want to use vector map tiles (like this https://mapzen.com/projects/vector-tiles/) on a sphere, so it's a globe. For that matter it could also be osm xml, topojson er things like that. The thing I don't really get is the step to go from the json to the image. The examples I found are either using image map tiles or don't explain how the conversion was done. There are libraries like mapbox, openlayers and leaf
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