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  1. Hello Rich! Thank you for your fast reply. IS there any open project that can see about the code with blockly? Kind Regards Ioannis Bean
  2. Hello to this amazing Forum! I am new to phaser and I would appeciate your help on something. I want to combine phaser with Blockly , but it seems that it is very difficult to me to make it work . What I want to do is make an application that starts with a small introduction about my character and then the canvas goes away(hidden) and I visualize the Blockly environment for the user to program my character to dance :) Do you think is that possible? If yes , can you give me any snippet code so I can short it out ? Thank you very much in advance. Kind Regards Ioannis Bean.
  3. ioannis23142

    Blockly Plugin

    Hello to the forum, I am new to the phaser, so I would like to ask you if there is the blockly as a plugin to the phaser. I would like to implement it to my game. Regards Johny