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  1. I doubt anybody here has to deal with a huge number of sponsor contacts to justify a CRM.
  2. I have limited experience with GMS2 but as pointed in the tutorial - you need to use an extension where you register your JS file and its JS functions so you can call them from GML. Also, I remember I saw some assets on the marketplace that allow you to use JavaScript which could be an alternative/easier way to achieve the same thing? They may have omitted the SDK intentionally as they can add it themselves I guess.
  3. I don't know about UK laws but the UK is (still) in the EU and if you are an EU country citizen they are bound to provide a refund for any remote purchase if the customer demands so within 14 days (based on the purchase date). Especially if it's a subscription to an online service and not a product that you've already consumed or damaged. ... regardless of what ToS you've agreed to. Aside from that, I really really doubt anybody would have other sorts of interest in the idea or the code behind an HTML game these days. It's a standard practice to send a test project for reproducing bugs. And they could easily collect the project code and assets if they wanted to - it's an online app after all, isn't it?
  4. I don't make good games simply because I don't have the skills, the experience, the patience, and in some cases - the budget. I aim to make fun, or just hilariously bad games that scratch common itches in a unique way. I don't aim at niche audiences. And I actually do more research than development these days On topic: I don't think sticking to popular mobile genres is the best strategy for web games. But I also don't have the experience to back this up, so yes - it seems everybody should rely on their own brain and gut feeling on this...
  5. All you've written makes a lot of sense, but I am skeptic about certain points... 1. The first games of a new game developer aren't very likely to catch a publisher's attention. In HTML5's early days - maybe, but now? I see only polished products in any of the big publishers' catalogs. Yes, most of them look like cookie-cutter clones of popular mobile titles so they would be easy to reproduce (in some basic form) for a newbie. But the lack of polish (usually) is the thing that distinguishes a newbie dev's release. 2. Making games for publishers doesn't look fun. You're most likely sacrificing your uniqueness and the fun factor of making games. You may get bored prematurely - before the 'polish' phase, and a bored hobbyist dev may decide to give up. 3. I actually like @sk1e's approach - make whatever you want to work on, throw it out there and observe the reactions.
  6. Considering the time and energy needed to produce a game, devs probably should be more specific in their business plans EDIT: I'm specializing in bad games. It's an almost untapped niche. The demand is there, but not many people can produce a properly bad game. Most are spewing average stuff that begs to remain ignored.
  7. From the outside, these just don't look like a promising business perspective and I'm not sure why developers continue to spend their efforts with these goals/markets in mind. There seem to be a finite number of publishers (less than 10?) who (may) buy (non-)exclusive licenses. I read that there is some secret list with publishers that is hidden from new forum members but after spending some time here I am left with the impression it's not something I should care about... I recently started working on a few HTML game ideas and I do have plans for the monetisation of the eventual final products. The plan is quite long-term and for now it's nothing more than a fun project.
  8. First, thank you for creating and sharing RenJS! Second, I'm having trouble with calling custom functions - even your helloworld() example throws this error: VM1378:6 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'param1' of null at Object.helloworld (<anonymous>:6:22) at <anonymous>:195:47 at new Promise (<anonymous>) at StoryManager.interpretAction (<anonymous>:66:16) at <anonymous>:220:36 at new Promise (<anonymous>) at StoryManager.interpret (<anonymous>:206:16) at <anonymous>:222:47 at <anonymous> I wanted to use a custom function to load music files a bit before they're needed as preloading them all at the start of the game seems to take quite a bit of time. Unfortunately, I'm not very experienced with JavaScript and couldn't figure out the reason for the error. If you could check this, I'd be very thankful!
  9. I'm not sure I understand the goal of the website. To understand (web) gamers, simply go to Kongregate or any other big site and look at the top categories, titles, etc. Scroll down and read the comments. If you want to make your own web games aggregator, you'd probably need to put some work. Currently, it's not even branded properly - no logo, generic design with terrible spacing. At the first sight, it looks like a page with many colorful icons. It should probably look like a fun place. At the very least, it needs larger pictures, maybe some screenshots, animations and/or videos.
  10. On a less professional, contract-less level, you'd want to list all your requirements to the artist and ask for confirmation if they're OK with all points. Make sure to mention the usage rights over the artwork and to set deadlines. Keep record of all communication.