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  1. I figured pretty fast that an increasing level of detail goes along with the need for a proper GPU. Talking about the warehouse planning tool me and my coworkers are working on, thereĀ“s no way to get along with bigger planning scenarios with thousands of racks and pallets ... Got myself a new laptop with a GTX 1080 inside, though. šŸ˜‰ BR, Markus
  2. Ok, i got it done. Thanks again, friends. This one can be closed. BR, Markus
  3. Thanks guys, thatĀ“s exactly what I was looking for. BR, Markus
  4. Hi folks, I used the Easter holidays trying to put gamepad support to my tool (xbox 360 controller). I startet playing around with PGs and trying to get along with code. I found this PG that has a nice gamepad cam and doesnĀ“t even need to use the BABYLON.GamepadManager: And I found another PG that uses the BABYLON.GamepadManager: For some reason, the second PG example works fine in Firefox but not in Chrome although both browsers detect my gamepad. Chrome: Version 65.0.3325.181 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit) Firefox: 59.0.2 (64-Bit) Chrome shows two textControls with one saying "connected: 0" although the other one shows the button click events. But the sphere doesn't react to button clicks. In Firefox I can move the sphere. I donĀ“t know weather this is a bug or not. Can I combine GamePadCamera and button press events? PG available? And I still didnĀ“t get what the Gamepad.Manager is for, since gamepads are natively supported by browsers. Am I missing something? BR, Markus
  5. I know. ThankĀ“s for the tip. Already implemented.
  6. thanks V!nc3r, that did the trick. Works as expected and needed. This one can be closed. BR, Markus
  7. Thanks so far. i think i will go the .babylon way. So if i don't wanna use multi materials and this pbr thing, what are the prelimineries in Blender? 1) one mesh per different material (wheels, chassis, cabin, etc.) 2) parenting in Blender or in BJS? do you use the words object and mesh interchangeably?
  8. Hi Babylonians, IĀ“m coming up with with a new question. What is (for the described purpose) the most elegant way of loading meshes into an existing scene? My application will use something like a ressource (product) configurator for forklifts, pallet trucks, etc. To display a vehicle i want to use a BJS scene. The user will be able to scroll through the vehicles (data grid) and the scene has to change, accordingly. Since the vehicle models are very complex I will buy them online at turbosquid and other places. I donĀ“t need complex textures but I want to keep (and change) colors. There will be like 3 to 7 different colors per model. We use Blender, but we still donĀ“t kno which way to go: 1) obj and mtl 2) loading meshes from .babylon 3) gltf 4) stl 5) AsstesManager When I merge the everything to one single mesh in Blender, I canĀ“t work with different materials (colors), right? Should I create single meshes in Blender that will share the same material in BJS? Using multi materials and submeshes i need to know the vertices number ranges. How do i get this done with complex models like forklift? HereĀ“s an example of what our models look like: What is the most elegant way to get this accomplished? BR, Topper
  9. Hi guys, does anyone know of a working PG example using the CharacterController from ssatguru? IĀ“ve been searching my ass off for one. thx, Markus
  10. Thanks for yout reply, yes, IĀ“m using the latest version. For the PG example with the complex pallet rack upright I donĀ“t use any loaders. But I could locate the problem for my other model: input values come from textboxes and i didnĀ“t parse the values to integers. Unfortunately this is not the point for my other model. IĀ“m gonna debug the hole js in my app. Thanks, Markus
  11. Hi folks, new issue when I copy the JS-code from PG to my application. Most of my models consist of different merged meshes due to different colors. In the PGs everything looks fine, but when I copy the JS-code to my app, some merged meshes appear staggered. Any idea what IĀ“m overlooking? BR, Markus
  12. OK, i made arrays for meshes that share the same material and it worked right away. Thanks, Dad72 BR, Markus
  13. Thanks. IĀ“m gonna change that. Sure, this is the problem?
  14. Hi, IĀ“m struggling with merging all meshes in my scene into one new. After having created all the stuff I need, IĀ“m trying to do the following: var framePartsToMerge = []; for (var i = 0; i < scene.meshes.length; i++) { var currentMesh = scene.meshes[i]; framePartsToMerge.push(currentMesh); i--; } var finalFrame = BABYLON.Mesh.MergeMeshes(framePartsToMerge, true, true, false); I have the feeling, IĀ“m pushing the wrong stuff into my array. last working PG: broken PG: Any help appreciated. BR, Markus
  15. Yeah, this was it. Works fine now. THX. BR, Markus
  16. Hi folks, I just run into another problem concerning the aspect ratio of my scene after resize of my canvas: IĀ“m using an arcRotateCam and the EventListener as follows: window.addEventListener("resize", function () {engine.resize();}); IĀ“m using a column-based portal solution in which i can drag and drop the panels. I found some posts about (more or less) similar topics but actually I even donĀ“t know where to start. The found workarounds exceed my JS skills in most cases. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Markus
  17. Thanks, I really appreciate it, Wingnut. Did you get along with my code? Just saw that there are still some comments in my first tongue. BTW, not long I lived in MI, too (Shelby Township, greater Detroit area). Liked it lot. BR, Markus
  18. Thanks again, guys. With the help of this awesome place and its people i was able to finish work on my current project: BR, Markus
  19. @ JK ThatĀ“s elegant. Thanks
  20. Thanks. Seems like i should have learned sth more useful.
  21. @ brianzinn OK, IĀ“m still struggling with rotations. I made a simple PG with one mesh extruded from a plane: What do I have to do, to make the mesh rotate around its CoG and not (0, 0, 0)? Thanks, Markus
  22. brianzinn, youĀ“re my man. That simple line of code did the trick. Can you explain to me what this exactly does? Is it like "freezing prior transformations"? I came across "setAbsolutePosition / getAbsolutePosition ". WhatĀ“s the sense of this? Is the "absolute position" always in relation to the world axes? Thanks a lot, man. BR, Markus