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  1. PsichiX

    Code not understood

    this code ensures that there will be 100 ms delay between fire shots. it also creates a sprite and sets its body velocity so bullet will use physics for movement. the stupid part there is that this code does not give a f*** about destroying bullets, so i hope the full source that you use have this. thanks for me for being helpful.
  2. Hi all! I'm building handheld device size of Switch gaming console and it's main goal is to run HTML5 games. Is there a website (or there are plans to make showcase website for Phaser 3 games) that holds most Phaser 3 real games, so i can benchmark device with them?
  3. which box2d implementation do you use? please, provide link to npm package / github repo. If you use flash version converted into JS, i have only one advice: CHANGE PHYSICS ENGINE. into P2 for example.
  4. Dunno if WebRTC was mentioned before, but this API should be perfect for super fast data transmission.
  5. PsichiX

    Images disappearing

    low quality question - you should provide info about engine you use, maybe implementation you've done so far.
  6. Man, we don't know what you're talking about. Give us full description of your problem, or else we will forget about you in few days.
  7. Just small disclaimer: Game Maker's HTML5 runtime sucks (it is the most buggy GMS target of all). Phaser uses Canvas AND WebGL renderers, AND both renderers SUPPORT VECTOR GRAPHICS. Not natively ofc. but with small effort you can load SVG as images and even animate them.
  8. hi, just some tip: put long code into code field to make it easier to read
  9. GS are not part of webgl 2. and will not be. maybe in webgl 3. maybe.
  10. it will be a most width^height times faster to manually specify it in variable.
  11. PsichiX

    Base64 Images

    please, provide fiddle with example of your case, so we could investigate what's happening in your case.
  12. PsichiX

    Image is pixelated

    i've not asked about phaser config, i've asked about your html file that holds canvas you render to. again: please, show me your html file, because probably i know what you're missing.
  13. PsichiX

    Image is pixelated

    show your html file which have canvas that you render to. i think i may know what you're missing.
  14. put console.log(currentLevel) at first line in init function and tell me, if it shows undefined, null, 0, false, or what value. problem is when you init your object with one of 'false' values, it will assign boolean and engine crashes (engine should warn you that you're trying pass non-string value, but does not doing that because input validation is sadly not implemented). you should change next line into: this.currentLevel = currentLevel || 'testroom1'; to eliminate this logic problem.
  15. this is internal engine problem. please, share with us full stack trace of error (you can expand collapsed error in chrome/firefox), so we could trace its origin location and conditions that triggers it.